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I blame Ebay for this latest obsession. I've been spending money on all sorts of Gundam Wing Doujinshi. For those of you who may be confused, doujinshi are artistically drawn manga or graphic novels drawn by fans. Some of these artists (work together in "circles") move on to work in some of the anime series that they drawn.

I have several doujins of the Gundam Wing universe. Some are very yaoi and rather explicit, others are innocent gag or anthologies. Depending on how determined I'm feeling I'll present you with the clueless review. I read no Japanese, although I can recognize the characters names in these things. So you're only going to get my vague impressions of what's really going on.

Don't expect me to scan every page of these. I'll give you the cover and maybe a page or two that struck me as really beautiful. One other thing, I'm a bit of a Trowa freak, so if you're looking for Heero x Duo (or vice versa) here you won't find very many (but you will find some).

So I start with my very first ebay purchases (at least until I discovered that other evil doujin site Chibishop)! Clicking on the picture will pull up a larger version:

Third coverTHIRD.
The Circle is Wing* [star]? Published 1995.

There are two short manga stories. The first is a gag one where Duo seems to be pestering Heero (in an apron no less), but only Trowa seems to be helping Heero.

The second story a more serious one based on the series. Quatre and Heero are in the desert (remember the dogs?). They are reflecting on Trowa. Quatre discusses his guilt over shooting Trowa into outer space. Heero goes off to grieve alone. The rest of the book seems to be a novel with a really nicely drawn picture of Trowa & Heero

Rebirth coverREBIRTH.
Circle is Finder-W. Published 1997.

This is a rare doujin because it's one really long story. The action seems to take place on Peacemillion. Trowa finds an antique clock that he and Heero try to fix. Heero seems anxious about the Zero system and before you can say, "but Heero you've mastered that system" he's done something to knock himself unconscious. Trowa to the rescue. Some heavy angst moments, Trowa slaps Heero and the next thing you know they are getting upclose and personal. My first yaoi (not explicit but implied). Very sweet.

Innerspace coverINNER SPACE.
Circle is X3. Published 1996.

Rather deceptive. The title reads: Inner Space Trowa Barton Only book like it would be a uke book, but instead you are treated to a shounen-ai story which looks like a triangle of sorts between Duo, Trowa and Quatre. Duo and Trowa are a couple(?) and Quatre spends his time envisioning Trowa in the buff. (Nothing wrong with that!).

The second story seems to be about Trowa and Catherine at the circus. And there are a few drawings of Trowa in bondage and Trowa standing in the rain.

Aijin Heero coverAIJIN HEERO!!
Circle is Pico. Published 1995.

Title loosely translates as Heero's Lover (found a kanji dictionary to help me with that). Several gag shounen-ai stories. Duo mooning over Heero. Heero and Trowa. The "yaoi" is drawn for comic effect.

Most of the stories are Heero and Trowa in this small doujinshi. Most are silly, but the last looks pretty dramatic.

Rising Earth 1 coverRISING EARTH, VOL. 01.
Circle is F'Packs. Published c1995.

Large anthology of manga drawn by different artists. 208 pages of jokes, gags, and in some cases skewed visions of scenes from the tv series.

My favorite gag in this one, was Relena standing on the cliff yelling for Heero to come back to kill her and he does! And there is much rejoicing!

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