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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Tritsch Tratsch Polka coverTRITSCH-TRATSCH POLKA.
Circle is TDL. Published 1996.

TDL sure seem to love a super chibi Duo. In this one he seems to be a fairy (he has wings). Trowa rescues Duo from a crow and they become inseperable. He and Trowa help out Sally who seems to be either a princess or an Angel.

There's a quick gag one pager where Duo (full grown this time) and Trowa share a kiss much to the dismay of Catherine who ends up throwing her knives at a fleeing Duo.

Smaller Miracle Night Diving coverMIRACLE NIGHT DIVING.
Circle is TDL. Published 1996.

This has vol 2 of Gremlins which was a prequel to Over the Rainbow. Trowa brings Chibi Duo home from the circus? He got him from Wufei's son. Duo decides to make dinner for Trowa, but accidentally spills some pepper and multiplies into several chibi Duos including one with a streak in his hair. The other chibi Duos hate the Original and want Trowa all to themselves. They try to get rid of the Original chibi Duo. And for some unknown reason they become full grown at night. The Duo with the streak in his hair tries to seduce a sleeping Trowa. Needless to say Trowa was a bit stunned to see several full grown Duos hovering around his bed. But Original Duo comes to the rescue and love prevails!

This follows a long text story called Fine!. Now if only I can get my hands on Let's Go TDL, I'll have the entire Gremlins story sequence

Smaller TQ CoverTQ.
Circle is MKGG (Kokousai Yoshi/Kagaku Ikuzansu/Kenqjo). Published 1996.

There are several weird gag stories. One with Trowa walking around in a superhero cape?!?! One where Quatre tries to date NOIN!?!!?

Finally, Trowa and Quatre are having some 3x4 action (not too explicit but like I've said before it doesn't take a mindreader) to the dismay of the Maguanacs outside the warehouse who can hear everything. They are bemoaning the lost of their "angelic" Quatre-sama.

Smaller Pinky Candy CoverPINKY CANDY.
Circle is [I don't know can't read Kanji] (Haruka Minami/Akizoh Kodoh). Published 1997.

The first part is a rather long text story called Candy Love

The next is a story called Lollipop Candy (gee, see a theme here?). Quatre is wearing a kimono and Trowa has his way with him. Quatre is drawn almost shota-ish. They don't endow him with very much, but apparently it's enough to please Trowa. After their tryst, the others ask something and Trowa says something that mortifies Quatre.

Smaller Trowa Virgin CoverTROWA VIRGIN.
Circle is Maverix/AnneDuoTrowa. Published 1996

Trowa is a uke here, but not a happy one. In no less than two of the stories here Duo tries to force himself on Trowa. First story Trowa is a undercover in OZ trying to duck the attentions of Nichols only to have Duo try to rape him with Heero and Wufei holding him down. It's NICHOLS who rescues the boy. Can we say IRONY?

Next story, Heero tries to force his attentions on Trowa resulting in Duo pulling a gun on Heero. After Heero leaves, Duo forces his attentions on Trowa. YIKES!

Smaller Precious Delicious CoverPRECIOUS DELICIOUS.
Circle is Moon Earth. Published 2000.

The good thing about Moon Earth is you get good old fashioned Trowa x Heero smut, plain and simple. The bad thing is they tend to draw Heero really strangely.

Treize's hoodlums kidnap Heero. Treize tries to have his way with him but Trowa burst in and rescues him (this was after Mariameia interrupted them). Trowa and Heero go home and do the wild thing.

The second story has Heero waking up to discover he has breasts. He tries to hide it from Trowa, but Trowa doesn't care. He only cares about Heero.

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