All My Doujinshi, Page 11

I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller 01 cover01.
Circle is Ariok k.? Published 1996.

Looks like Heero and Trowa are in a relationship or trying to get one but Duo and Quatre keep getting in their way. At one point it looks like Duo says something that makes Heero hit Trowa. But for all the interfering by Duo (mainly) and Quatre, the two silent boys can't stay away from each other.

I liked the story but I have to say the drawing style is unique. Everyone looks oddly stretched and sometimes it's hard to distinguish which is Trowa and which is Heero.

Smaller 8, vol. 2 cover8, VOL.2 : FOR 4X2 FREAKS.
Circle is Rom Minoh Private "Fish". Published 1996.

This 2nd volume is a sequel to an early Quatre/Duo doujinshi called 8. Why 8? Well 4x2 does equal 8! More comical than yaoi-ish. The first part seems to have Duo and Quatre crossdressing and undressing each other.

The second story looks like Quatre and Duo are trying to see who's going to be seme. Quatre won. Very comic book looking style.

Smaller Gundam Boys CoverGUNDAM BOYS.
Circle is Ohta Comics. Published 1996.

One third of this is manga and the rest are yaoi novels. But that small amount of manga is plentiful. You have Duo and Quatre sharing a bed, Duo is dreaming about Heero but Quatre wakes him and makes him change him mind about that!

Next story Duo has a crush on Heero, but Quatre and Trowa seduce Heero instead. So when Duo finally does make a move, Heero runs from him.

Treize in a threesome with Duke Dermail AND Tsubarov? It has got to be a dream or in this case Zechs' nightmare.

Zechs has his way with Treize. Treize has his way with Wufei and the fun never stops.

Smaller Chang & Elegant CoverCHANG AND ELEGANT.
Circle is18 Circle. Published 1999.

This is a 13x5 anthology of stories comprised of 18 different circles.

Most are silly, some are serious, and some are just plain yaoi. It's amazing to see how different circles draw Wufei and Treize. One of the sillier gags has Wufei trying to swordfight with Treize but Treize uses a different appendage in place of his sword!

Smaller Baby Pink CoverBABY PINK.
Circle is Mecca. Published 1995.

Story one Quatre catches Trowa on the way to a bath. While Trowa has a soak, Quatre decides to join him.

Next is a long text story about the two. Finally Trowa and Quatre are going at it again. I can't say I thought much of this one. I don't know if it's the style (Quatre is almost shota like) or the fact that it's so lovey-dovey.

Smaller W-7 CoverW-7 (Double You-7).
Circle is Movic. Published 1996.

This is anthology series like Rising Earth.

Thus this consists of excerpts of various djs and circles. I even spotted one of the beach scenes in my dj, Islands.

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