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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Baketsu de Gohan coverBAKETSU DE GOHAN.
Circle is Rascal Gundan (Noboru Takizawa). Published 1996.

Wufei-centric humor dominates this dj. Mainly these are scenes of Wufei had with various GW characters given a humorous twist. It's very cute.

Mostly it's indignant Wufei yelling at Trowa, Sally, Treize, etc. etc.

Smaller There is not a breath of air coverTHERE IS NOT A BREATH OF AIR.
Circle is Bambi Takada (Ronno & Kalus). Published 2000.

This is my first Heero x Relena doujinshi. First story has Relena searching for something via reports and computers. She gets an e-mail telling her she's on the right track, and she falls asleep and dreams about the time Heero and Quatre were in her school at Sanq.

A very short text story follows. Then the next story, Heero is dreaming of his past when Dr. J had him assassinate someone. Relena wakes him up from the dream and he embraces her. Very tasteful and very pretty drawings. I see now why Bambi Takada djks run for so much money on eBay.

Smaller Circus Bravo CoverCIRCUS BRAVO.
Circle is Tight Rope. Published 1995.

Lots of short gags until you get to the main story which has Heero and Quatre on Earth at Relena's and Heero can't stop thinking about Trowa and his time with the boy. Very nice illustrations.

Smaller Clear Light CoverCLEAR LIGHT.
Circle is MixPress. Published 1995.

I have no idea why Duo is on the cover. This is a Wufei-uke-centric doujinshi and he doesn't encounter Duo in it ONCE!

Quatre has Wufei chained up and (with Trowa's help) he has his way with him. But he does let Wufei go. The rest of the book is mostly text stories with a few pictures interspersed. One called Bad Communication seems to be a Heero x Duo story.

Next text story is called Lady Poison. Wufei is captured by Treize. Looking at the pictures looks like Wufei is bound and abused again. Trowa rescues him.

Smaller Mission Complete CoverMISSION COMPLETE.
Circle is Nail Cut Club. Published 1995.

This is mostly humor. Duo chasing Heero. Quatre seeing what Trowa looks like with bed head.

The only hentai element in this one is when Une is having a bit of self-love in the ladies room calling out Treize's name. You know ... the usual. Drawings of Noin and Une (on separate pages) looking sexy. It's a really cute little book.

Smaller Fanatic Dance CoverFANATIC DANCE.
Circle is S.J.T. Published 1996.

This is brought to you by the folks that gave you Pink Janction.

Goofy one and two page gags of Quatre and Trowa. A quick Une and Treize gag page (Treize sure likes his makeup even more than Une).

The longest story seems to be Quatre trying to help a sick Duo by having his way with him.

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