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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Territory of Zero coverTERRITORY OF ZERO.
Circle is Rio Yagizawa. Published 1997.

Several short gag stories. One where Duo takes Zechs to a Peacemillion Amusement Park and has Heero and Trowa tell him his fortune.

There's one where Heero is unconscious and Treize finds him. Treize decides he likes him and wants to seduce him. Trowa shows up in genie form to try and stop him but since he's not in solid form he can't do nothing while Treize is having his way with Heero. Heero wakes up and eventually pushes Treize away. Trowa goes off somewhere to have a good cry before appearing again I guess to say that Heero is his.

Smaller World's End coverWORLD'S END.
Circle is Tia-Ra (Saori Shiga). Published 1996.

Covers a multi-part story called Plastic Age. It covers Trowa and Heero's relationship from when Trowa took care of Heero after self-destructing on. Heero seems reticient about getting involved with Trowa, but eventually he gives in.

Then is a PWP story called Break of the Fence of Defense, which seems to be Trowa and Heero doing the wild thing. Very pretty dj.

Smaller Wild Road CoverWILD ROAD.
Circle is Tia-Ra (Saori Shiga). Published 1996.

First story is shounen-ai. Heero is worried about Trowa, this is after Quatre blew Trowa into space. They come to an understanding.

Second story has Trowa and Heero living together. One day while Trowa's out, Duo tries to seduce Heero. Heero popped him one good, but when Trowa gets home he decides maybe it's time to seduce him. The action is very pretty.

Smaller Happy Wedding CoverHAPPY WEDDING.
Circle is Pepper Vivio. Published 1996.

Pepper Vivio at it's weirdest. Trowa and Quatre are getting married (Quatre looks like a girl in these). Quatre tries out wedding gowns and gets into an argument with Heero. Different story has Heero and Quatre going at it. Which strikes me funny that Trowa's good enough to marry but not to screw in this tome.

There's one that's kind of unkind to poor Trowa. He's sitting in a chair reading and female Quatre is on her hands and knees with a MAGNIFYING GLASS looking at Trowa's crotch. Heero also gets in the act of looking for Trowa's umm... In any case, Heero and Quatre get excited and do the deed with each other, while Trowa continues to read his magazine. Ouch!

Then you have weird cosplay people reenacting Trowa and Quatre's wedding. Too bizarre. Complete with cake!

Smaller Spy CoverSPY.
Circle is Anti-Unit (Miki Kujyo, Norie Fukube). Published 1995.

My first Duo x Wufei book! Yeah! It's a pretty hefty tome even! First story is very sweet. Duo plays cards with Wufei (and even talks the boy into removing his rubber band out of his hair). But he can't bring himself to kiss Wufei. So Wufei grabs him and saves him the trouble.

The next story is a little darker. Trowa brings an injured Wufei back to the safe house. Duo loses it and is ready to kill Trowa. Heero and Wufei calm the situation down. Wufei is now covered in bandages and has an IV. Duo comes to see Wufei and starts to cry. Wufei holds him.

Then you go sweet again with Duo trying to learn to fight from Wufei. After the practice, Wufei lies down for a nap and Duo joins him. After a refreshing nap, Duo makes his move but Quatre interrupts.

Then it goes dark again. Duo and Wufei are being held captive. Soldiers take Wufei in to see Treize. Treize rapes him and sends him back to the cell. Duo offers a shoulder for Wufei to cry on as he gets pissed off seeing the marks on Wufei. Wufei goes unconscious and Duo vows vengeance on Treize. (um ... Treize you might want to get out of dodge quick)

Smaller Kanji Title CoverORETACHI WA MIRARETERU!? (OMAE WA DARE DA...?). [Translation: We're Famous!? (Who the hell are you...?)]*
Circle is Blue Water. Published 1999.

Lots of gag humor. The Gundam Wing story is in manga form and fangirls try getting the autographs of Wufei, Trowa (who has tons of fangirls chasing him) and Duo who has to practically beg for folks to recognize him.

The best gag is when Duo finds a yaoi dj of Wufei and Heero and shows it to the guys. All the Gundam boys reactions are hilarious.

* Note: Thanks to Chiakusei for the translation of the title. You're a life-saver!
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