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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Planet Earth coverPLANET EARTH.
Circle is S.H.W. (Miyabi Hokushina). Published 1995.

First story rehashes Trowa and Heero's relationship from when Heero self-destructed up to when Heero started looking for Noventa's relatives. Next is a quick two pager about Relena who seems to be talking to a ghost, as two medics are looking on. A symbolic story about war and death? Maybe.

Then a quick gag story of Relena pursuing Heero and Trowa solves the problem by digging a giant hole for her to fall in and quickly bury her!

Smaller Pink Paranoia coverPINK PARANOIA.
Circle is Momoco Barairo. Published 1996.

Duo is trying to talk Trowa into something before Heero and Quatre arrive to tell them that they are going off on vacation to a tropical isle. All four go. Heero and Quatre spend some quality time together, but I don't know why they are wearing women's nightgowns to bed. Duo makes a play for Trowa, but Trowa is too quick and acrobatic for him.

This is then followed by a two long text stories. One is a Duo x Trowa story and the other a Heero x Quatre story.

Smaller Material CoverMATERIAL.
Circle is Altir. Published 1995.

Just your standard PWP. Heero wants Duo to show him a good time ... and he does. Explicit but not that explicit Duo x Heero action.

As you know I'm not big on Heero and Duo djs (because there are so many of them in the world), but this one is nice.

Smaller Melancholic Garden CoverMELANCHOLIC GARDEN.
Circle is Knowing. Published 1999.

The person I bought it from called it hentai, but I don't think so. First story looks like some sweet kissy face stuff with Heero and Relena, followed by a long text story called Jugate.

Finally, "Birth" has Heero waking up from a nightmare that he's not human but a machine. Relena comforts him the only way she knows how (CUE: Cheesy Porno music). Actually the action is very tasteful and not explicit enough in my mind to say "hentai". You want hentai look for the dj Kiss (with female Heero and Duo going at it).

Smaller I've Never Been Sleeping In the Night CoverI'VE NEVER BEEN SLEEPING IN THE NIGHT.
Circle is Trick Star. Published 1996.

Duo and Heero are being held captive by OZ. Duo is taken out of his cell is is about to be raped by some OZ officers, until Trowa (disguised as an OZ officer) offers to do the deed. Since he has an audience of several Ozzies he goes through with it. Duo dreams of being taken by Heero and wakes up in Trowa's quarters. Duo tells Trowa something about Heero that surprises him.

Trowa later tells Heero what he did. Needless to say Heero is not very happy about that fact. And when Heero sees Duo again in the cell, he hits him.

Smaller Meteor CoverMETEOR.
Circle is Tia-Ra (Saori Shiga). Published 1995.

Not like the other Tia-Ra djs that focus on mainly Trowa and Heero. This one has mostly gag humor with a hint of a serious shounen-ai at the end about Trowa and Heero.

Smaller Home CoverHOME.
Circle is Tsukise-In (Haruka/Masanori/Natsuki). Published 1996.

This seems to be a continuation of another doujinshi. But here's what I can piece together from this part...

Trowa is taking care of a battered Heero. Trowa has a strange conversation with Duo (flashing back to Trowa taking care of a battered Duo, Why? I'm not sure). Heero comes storming out and promptly passes out. Has Duo shot him? Has Duo shot Trowa also (in the arm)? Trowa goes for a walk and comes back to find Heero with a gun about to commit suicide. Trowa stops him (by knocking him out cold).

Heero while unconscious thinks about the sweet parts of his relationship with Duo. Then he envisions Duo covered in blood. While still unconscious and babbling Duo's name aloud, Trowa takes care of him. It ends there, with a "to be continued" feel to it. It's short but mighty confusing.

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