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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Fruits Basket CoverFRUITS BASKET.
Circle is Aiolia Sisters. Published 1996.

This seems to be a general humor doujinshi. The boys are on Peacemillion and they are playing what looks like musical chairs (or Truth or Dare or some combination of the two) with Sally and Noin looking on.

The second story has Heero and Quatre in the Sank kingdom with Relena. And Relena takes them downtown so they can go bar hopping. Noin finds them and prevents them from getting in trouble.

Smaller P.B.B.C. CoverP.B.B.C.
Circle is Fumin. Published 1999.

Trowa loves Heero. They live together with some parental woman (Trowa's mom? I'm not sure). Trowa loves kissing Heero awake in the mornings which upsets Heero. They go to the same school. Heero is a loner but Trowa seems to have fanboys around him.

One day a younger girl gives Heero a letter that he rips up and the little girl runs away in tears. An older girl about Heero's age gives him holy hell about it. She decides that she likes Heero. Trowa witnesses this and tries to stay away from Heero. But hanging around this girl causes Heero to realize that he really cares about Trowa.

Heero goes home and finds a note from Trowa's mom saying she's going out of town (or away somewhere). He takes a nap and Trowa comes home and sees Heero. He wants to kiss Heero but thoughts about Heero's girlfriend stops him. Heero wakes up and grabs Trowa and tries to seduce him. They do the deed tastefully. Trowa's mom returns the next day and gives the boys matching pajamas as a gift from her trip.

Smaller Build a Nest in Forest CoverBUILD A NEST IN FOREST.
Circle is Sweet & Sweet 5 (vol. 9). Published 1996.

I know I've been calling this Silent Forest, but the title above is the one on the spine and back cover of this doujinshi. Neko Wufei (cat) saves Inu Trowa (dog) from other dogs/wolves that are attacking him. They strike up a friendship. Later Trowa finds Wufei caught in a bear trap. Trowa gets Wufei's foot out of the trap. Heero and Wufei discuss something that cause Wufei to run away from Trowa. But later they get together and do the wild thing, only to have Wufei vanish on Trowa again. Trowa won't give up on Wufei.

Sweet & Sweet's style of drawing Wufei is always kind of hit or miss for me. This time they did a fair job on him.

Smaller The Missing Piece CoverTHE MISSING PIECE.
Circle is Walpurgis (Hazuki Aoi). Published 1995.

The first story has Duo and Wufei imprisoned on the moon base. They have a heart to heart about Quatre before they do the deed (do the nasty, whatever you want to call it, it's tastefully done). And they are still talking about Quatre after!

The second story Duo seduces Heero away from his laptop or does he? Duo is fantasizing. Howard comes in and interrupts then suggests Duo take a trip to the men's room to tame those hormones.

The third story is very dark. Quatre remembers when he was a young child being raped by someone. He defended himself by hitting his attacker on the head with a lamp. Rashid finds Quatre covered in blood (and presumably takes care of the problem of the bleeding attacker). Quatre wakes up from his dream and Trowa visits him to see if he's okay.

Smaller Silent Dagger CoverSILENT DAGGER.
Circle is G Factory (Gaoh Takishiro). Published 1996.

Another where I bought it for the cover. I didn't even know it was a supposed Trowa x Quatre (it's shounen-ai rather than yaoi) until I pulled it out of the envelope.

The story is essentially Trowa trying to regain him memory and Quatre guiltily trying to help him recover those memories. Eventually Trowa does remember and he forgives Quatre by giving him a nice big hug.

Smaller Done Purple CoverDONE PURPLE.
Circle is Earth Born (Maria Rosa). Published 1996.

It's a Duo x Heero doujinshi, so why is Trowa also on the cover? First story is Trowa taking care of Heero, but Heero thinks about his past and the woman who reminds him of Duo. Trowa tells Heero of his feelings, but Heero can only think about Duo.

A later story have the boys camping. Quatre is chasing Wufei. Duo and Heero only have eyes for each other, Trowa kind of looks on from the background.

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