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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Sweet & Sweet 4 CoverSWEET & SWEET 4.
Circle is Sweet & Sweet (vol.7). Published 1996.

Wufei is living on a deserted island. Trowa's plane crashes on the island. Wufei let's him stay with him in his hut. Their first night in the same domicile, Wufei has a nightmare and Trowa comforts him and makes a pass at him.

Next day a big storm is about to hit. Wufei is preparing the hut when Trowa cuts his finger. Wufei looks at Trowa's injury and begins to lick the blood away. Trowa again makes a pass at Wufei (hey, the guy is sucking on his finger, ne?) But Wufei pushes him away and runs out into the storm. Trowa looks out the window, worried about Wufei. Wufei sitting near a cliff where an emergency flare site (well there's lots of wood, I guess you could call it a site for a rescue fire). Big old To Be Continued .... added.

Smaller Wake Up Boo 2 CoverWAKE UP BOO! 2.
Circle is GO (Gray Orion) {Yoshinori Sueri & Isana Hayashi). Published 1995.

First story is Quatre and Duo in the desert. They talk about Heero for a while, then Quatre kisses Duo. This is follow by two "one page" gags featuring Zechs & Treize. Zechs cuts his hair to the shock of Treize (Did Treize trick him into doing it? I don't know). Zechs takes revenge by waiting until Treize is asleep to put Treizes hair up in a bow.

The last story called Paraphrase has Quatre pining over Wufei who seems to be heading for a romance with Trowa. One day Quatre visits Wufei and kisses him. Wufei slaps him (can we say um... mistake?) Quatre then proceeds to rape Wufei. Next page? To be continued of course!

Circle is GO (Gray Orion). Published 1995.

Paraphrase (in part one, which is in my dj called Wake up Boo 2, Quatre had raped Wufei). The story continues as Wufei is acting strange and Trowa, Duo (& Quatre) are wondering why. Wufei practically freaks out when Duo visits in Wufei's room. When Trowa comes into the room (in part one-- Trowa and Wufei were tentatively starting a relationship), Wufei completely freaks out. Duo suspects Trowa has done something to Wufei. Quatre is playing innocent (Quatre actually raped Wufei).

The next story is called Monkey Magic. Wufei is a seiyuuki-Wufei (monkey). He's been captured by Treize who wants to have his way with the monkey boy, but the other G-boys rescue him. Wufei's happiest to see Trowa, but for some unknown reason Wufei and Quatre do the deed with a crying Trowa snooping by the window.

Smaller Breakthrough CoverBREAKTHROUGH.
Circle is [Kanji, unknown]. Published 1996.

Mostly gag humor. Wufei accidentally gropes Noin. Noin and Sally look very cozy together. Relena and Heero get yelled at by Zechs. The last parts are more serious. Duo talking to a hurt Hilde (when she gave Duo info on Libra). Treize talking to unconscious Une. Sally trying to make Noin feel better about Zechs on the Peacemillion.

Smaller Operation 1 Zside Only CoverOPERATION-1 ZSIDE ONLY.
Circle is [Kanji]K2 (Kaoru Hirota/Natsuru Aosaki). Published 1995.

The first story is Une thinking about Treize. At one point her glasses break. Why? Got me. This is followed by a little humor gag page where the birds seem to like to nest in Treize's hair.

The next story features Noin and Zechs having a little loving before going back to their perspective duties. It was advertised as "hentai". Um... I don't think so, it's way too tame for that. Blink and you miss it.

Smaller Blood Sift CoverBLOOD SIFT.
Circle is Parnassus (Yui Hayase). Published 1995.

It's amazing how many djka feel the need to cover the same old territory with Trowa and Heero. First story is Trowa taking care of Heero after he tried to blow himself up. They have a little talk, Heero smooches Trowa, a little tasteful yaoi happens and Catherine seems miffed about it the next day.

Next story covers Heero and Trowa in Antarctica. Trowa is trying to get Heero to rest and take care of himself. Heero takes a nap and begins to cry in his sleep. Trowa watches over him. Heero wakes up, looks like a few cross words pass between them, when Trowa kisses Heero and ... well you know tasteful yaoi. The last story takes the same first two pages of the Anarctica story and makes them humorous.

Smaller Mystery CoverMYSTERY.
Circle is Rose. Published 1996.

My first ever pure Trowa x Wufei smut book. (All the others are shounen-ai or the yaoi is tasteful and non-explicit, but not this puppy).

Looks like the boys are having a meeting about something then the next thing you know Wufei is coming on to Trowa and let the games begin! Parts aren't that fuzzed. Mighty explicit. Then the scene changes and Trowa is in the room with Heero and Quatre who is talking about Duo. Turn the page and Erotic City is happening again. It ends with Wufei yelling, Trowa with a bandaid on his head, then Trowa staring out of a window. Has this all be some really horny daydream?

Also includes a text story about Wufei and Trowa, but who cares? There's enough smut to make me happy!

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