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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Asia no Hana CoverASIA NO HANA.
Circle is Kikaseteyo (Garakuta Gakudan). Published 1996.

The first story is a silly one where Quatre dresses Wufei up in drag for his date with Trowa. Trowa is a little frightened by the transformation.

The second story is more serious. Trowa and Wufei are on Peacemillion. Wufei cuts himself picking up broken glass. Trowa licks away the blood and let the yaoi (tasteful, thus not very explicit) begin. Afterwards Wufei seems to be pushing Trowa away. (He wants him/he doesn't want him). Trowa leaves. Wufei looks at Trowa's picture on his computer. Wufei thinks about times in battle and Trowa comforts him. I liked this one quite a bit. I like how Wufei is drawn in it especially.

Smaller Barrage CoverBARRAGE.
Circle is Ypritto (Ken Mizuki/Midori Sasaya). Published 1995.

A beautifully drawn dj that I had been fighting forever on ebay to win. I finally found it at a website where I could buy it flat out. First story seems to be Heero is sick (with flu? been drugged?) and Trowa carries him to safety as they hide from OZ..

The next is a long text story called Welcome to Crazy Paradise and if the intercut pictures tell the story correctly, Relena's not happy at all that Trowa and Heero seem to be together. They get dressed up and dance and share a really sweet kiss. The only bad thing about this dj is there is more text than manga, but what illustrations that are there are lovely.

Smaller Disturb CoverDISTURB.
Circle is Moon Earth. Published 1997.

Dorothy Catalonia sees Heero and splashes him with something insisting he come home with her so she can clean his clothes. He's brought to Relena's mansion and is given a dress to wear. Meanwhile Trowa (wearing glasses) and Quatre are talking. Dorothy sends Trowa to check on Heero. She locks them in Heero's room.

Trowa sees Heero in a dress and let the games begin! After their yaoi-ful time (some twenty pages worth out of a fifty page book), they find a letter from Relena saying she thought Heero and Trowa deserved quiet time together!

Smaller Imperial Nova CoverIMPERIAL NOVA.
Circle is Parnassus/Mugifumi Tetsudauyo/Toy-Soldier. Published 1995.

Three stories from three different circles. First story Trowa is looking after Heero (yes, after he self-detonated). Heero wakes up from his coma and tries to bandage his own wounds. Trowa stops him and does it instead along with other more fun things. It also shows their relationship up to the point when Trowa is with OZ and captures Heero.

The next story, Heero is a prisoner. An Ozzie takes him to a secluded room to have his way with the prisoner. Trowa saw them leaving together. Heero sees a computer. Kills his would be attacker and steals a floppy disk. As he tries to make his escape he runs into Trowa. They talk for a while. Trowa grabs and kisses Heero. Then embarrassed he leaves Heero to make his escape. Later Quatre shoots Trowa MS sending him into space. Heero is shocked and depressed by the time he and Quatre return to earth and the Sank kingdom. Relena is talking to him but he can only think of Trowa.

The last story is kind of confusing. Trowa is still in OZ and he seems to be a high ranking official who travels with Treize (who looks like the singer Prince, I SWEAR!). Heero crashes some OZ event to talk to Trowa. I think Trowa doesn't remember who he is or who Heero is.Trowa finds Heero's gundam. Heero lets him sit in Wing Zero in hopes that Trowa will remember him. He kisses Trowa in the cockpit of the gundam then leaves. This is another dj I've been in bidding wars with before, I'm glad I finally won the blasted thing. Very nice.

Smaller Love Love Dreamer CoverLOVE LOVE DREAMER.
Circle is Moon Earth. Published 1998.

Trowa and Heero are talking on the phone. Trowa asks Heero to touch himself. So with the phone on speaker Heero begins to play with himself. Trowa (who is on a cell phone) opens the door to their apartment to see Heero lost in passion. Heero gets embarrassed but Trowa just continues where Heero left off.

Given how weirdly Heero is usually drawn by this circle, there is one panel where he actually almost looks Heero-like.

Smaller Paradise in Your Heart CoverPARADISE IN YOUR HEART.
Circle is Moon Earth (Seika Takazawa). Published 1997.

Heero is feeling under the weather (cold? flu?) and Trowa decides to take care of him. Trowa then proceeds to have fun with Heero and fruit (I didn't know cherries went THERE!). Sex so intense that Heero passes out (well it could be because he also has THE FLU!). A more contrite Trowa feeds Heero soup.

It's Moon Earth so you know you're guaranteed two things. Thing one: it's extreme yaoi thus explicit. Thing two: Heero will be drawn weirdly. But this still was kind of a sweet little book.

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