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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Circle is X3. Published 1996.

This is one of those legendary Trowa Uke books, that harbors on squicky. To borrow a friend's definition ... it's the "bitchification" of Trowa. It's bitchification because Trowa is given the hugest nipples I've ever seen on any person (man or woman) and there are lots of pictures of him in drag ... garter belts, etc.

This is super-yaoi. Nothing is really left to the imagination even if it is supposedly "obscured". There are color inserts of Duo x Trowa, but the main story seems to be Quatre slipping poor clueless Trowa an aphrodisiac, then having his way with him. Over and over again. Never mind that Quatre's clothes never leave his body for 28 pages of this 72 page book. And there are so many fluids covering Mr. Barton you feel like you want to hand him a virtual towel.

Kaikan Shisuu coverKAIKAN SHISUU.
Circle is Youkai Club. Published 1996.

This is a yaoi Quatre x Duo doujinshi. An injured Duo gets rescued (or at least found) by Quatre. While healing at Quatre's estate, Duo freaks out remembering his torture. Quatre then has his way with Duo (Why? Got me!). Just when it looks like Quatre is ready to leave the half-naked boy laying in their fluids, Duo pleads with Quatre to stay with him. Then I'm not too sure, but I think Duo dies. (I can't read Japanese, can you tell already?). The action is pretty self-evident.

Baby3 coverBABY BABY BABY.
Circle is Ringo Zaidan. Published 1996?.

Just when you thought I would never get one. Here's a Duo & Heero shounen-ai dj. The boys are in outer space and Duo gives Heero a sweet kiss before he takes off in Wing on the Peacemillion. Does Heero recipocate the feelings? You betcha, right down to yanking on Duo's braid. Of course, Howard's not too thrilled by this development.

The second story is a silly one with Heero & Relena. Strange things keep happening to the other pilots. Wufei & Duo are poisoned. Trowa a dancing fool? Quatre shot? Geez Heero, you'd better be nicer to Relena!

Twice coverTWICE.
Circle is Jun Saemori. Published 1997.

Apparently this Duo x Heero dj is a continuation of the story Please Love Muscat & Milkshake. Heero is a cat-human hybrid (Neko Heero). Duo takes a shine to Neko Heero (hey, who wouldn't?). It's Yaoi. There's no disguising what Duo is doing to Heero in this one. It's the only manga story. The other which takes up over half the book is a text story called Please Love Muscat.

Smaller Tonde Misero coverTONDE MISERO [Let Me See You Fly!]** (Quatre R Winner x Duo Maxwell Book No. 2).
Circle is Poporotyu. Published 1996.

It says it's a Quatre x Duo but it's more like shounen-ai than yaoi. There's a weird little story where Quatre can't get his mind off of Duo and when they meet up again he says some kind of a spell and Duo is in chains! They kind of bond then. Strange. But mostly this tiny book (21 pages) is gag humor and funny looking blocky drawings of Duo and Quatre.

Rising Earth 5 coverRISING EARTH, VOL. 05.
Circle is F'Packs. Published 1996.

Large anthology of manga drawn by different artists. Over 181 pages of jokes, gags, and in some cases skewed visions of scenes from the tv series.

My favorite gag in this one, was Quatre helping Duo fix his hair in varying hairdos including Lady Une (which Quatre seemed pretty taken with) and Serena from Sailor Moon!!

**Special Thanks to Sophonisba for the translation of this title! YOU ROCK!

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