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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Emerald CoverEMERALD, NO. 1.
Circle is Theory-Z. Published 1997.

Beautifully drawn if slim volume with a big old To Be Continued at the end. I'm not sure. It's after the war and the boys are in school. Duo was a thing for Wufei and Wufei seems surprised by it. Very sweet looking book.

Smaller Song for Morning the dead Cover*SHISHA WO ITAMU UTA...
Circle is Kikaseteyo (Shiki Sakaguchi). Published 1996.

Translates as "Song for Mourning the Dead". This is beautifully drawn (by the same people who did Asia no Hana) but damned depressing. Trowa seems to be a doctor and his lover Wufei is being kept alive on life support. Heero, Duo, and Quatre come to visit Wufei in the hospital and reminsce about Wufei to Trowa. Trowa thinks back on their relationship before he decides to take Wufei off of life support. Trowa sits and cries as he watches Wufei die.

This then follows with a sweet chibi story of all the g-boys meeting each other as children. With the ending line little did they know they would all meet again years later. Also the picture you see is really the back cover the front cover doesn't scan well it it's the title in silver on a black background.

Smaller Gift of the Magi CoverGIFT OF THE MAGI.
Circle is Gypsy Crystal. Published 1996.

I knew they existed, so I had to find one. A Trowa x Cathrine dj. Yes, you heard correctly a Trowa x Catherine dj. In this universe they are not siblings. It's a Christmas book. First story has Catherine feeding a sick Trowa (she's wearing a surgical mask) soup. In the end, she relents and gives his a kiss.

The second story, entitled Fairy Xmas, has Catherine as a fairy who spends Christmas with Trowa.

The third story is where Trowa gives Catherine a necklace. (She was jealous earlier when she saw Trowa with another girl at the circus). Kissing ensues.

The final story has Catherine knitting Trowa a sweater for Xmas and he gives her a ring. Much kissing ensues. Will I be buying another one of these? Doubtful, but I know never say never.

Smaller Hard Core CoverHARD CORE.
Circle is Vanp. Published 1997.

Well most of this book is text but the opening story seems to be Duo is Trowa's prisoner. Trowa (in his Mariameia outfit) proceeds to have his way with Duo explaining to him that there are cameras everywhere in the room. Duo doesn't look too bothered by it.

They are drawn rather anorexic like, but it's hard core, no fuzzed body parts (not the hardest core I've ever seen), but they try to make up for the rest of the book being text I suppose.

There's a cute little two page thing in the back where they are kind of chibi-fied but they are mighty cute (and NOT anorexic looking). Again it involves Trowa getting him and Duo doing nookie like things to a camera.

Smaller Horrona Yoru O Anata To... CoverHORRORNA YORU O ANATA TO...
Circle is Vespa. Published 1995.

Well this is a strange little book. The first story seems to be Duo wondering how Trowa can stay so cool looking in a turtleneck while everyone else (namedly Heero and himself) are burning up. Trowa seems to say some sort of spell or something which pisses off Duo and Heero. Quatre also seems uneffected by the weather.

Then there's a longish text story, followed by a yaoi story called Endless love. Duo and Heero are having a nice yaoi moment when something Duo says hacks off Heero. Much yelling (interesting at one point rather than fuzz Heero's privates there like a little circle with Trowa's picture on it!) and you see Trowa standing in the window, saying something. Another spell? Who knows?

* Special thanks to Chiakusei for the translation

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