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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Words of Love Cover* AI NO KOTOBA WO.
Circle is Kikaseteyo (Shiki Sakaguchi). Published 1996.

The title translates as: Words of Love. Mostly short stories. Trowa finds Wufei looking at a disc that shows the destruction of L5. Trowa turns it off, they argue then talk for a bit and almost kiss before Wufei leaves. Then Quatre appears and seems to confess his deep feelings for Trowa who is blushing.

Next story Trowa is serving coffee to Wufei who is reminded of the time they sat at a campfire at the circus doing the same thing. Beautiful artwork from the same people who brought you Asia no Hana.

Smaller Melty Kiss CoverMELTY KISS
Circle is Smile. Published 1996.

Everyone certainly loves Quatre in this. First you have him prattling on about Trowa. Heero sees Duo and Trowa approaching (they are on the Peacemillion) and he grabs Quatre and starts kissing him. The next story has Duo trying to seduce Quatre. With another story where Quatre wants to see Duo with his hair down.

The Trowa + Quatre story has Trowa finding Quatre napping on a table out cold. Trowa carries the boy to his room presumably while gently kissing the boy. Later Quatre sees Wufei and tells him about his busy day of being kissed by everyone. And Wufei kisses him as well. Very sweet shounen-ai book.

Smaller My Elephant Cover* ORE NO ZOU.
Circle is O Thiassos. Published 1995.

This title translates as "My Elephant". Lots of gag humor centering around Trowa. Cute little dj. I particularly liked the "Picasso-like" drawing of Trowa in his clown outfit.

Smaller Panda Sickness CoverPANDA YAMAI* (Panda Sickness).
Circle is Chocolate Devil. Published 1996.

Everyone should have at least one Chocolate Devil doujinshi, right?

Lots of short little sketches of the trials and tribulations of Wufei and Treize. That range from Shota to just plain surreal. Why is Wufei hatching from an egg? Some of the stories are serious and others just silly.

Smaller Prison Moon CoverPRISON MOON.
Circle is Jungle Wing (Min Haruno/Hiroka Kanan). Published 1996.

Duo is dreaming about Quatre when he wakes up in his cell on the Moon with Wufei. He and Wufei have words before Duo flirts with him. They are interrupted by Heero who is being taken to the cell and Wufei was told to leave.

Duo pretends to act like a cat in his scheme to seduce Heero. It works. He and Heero are having a nice not very explicit time. Next story (are they connected?) Trowa (in Oz uniform) brings food to Duo. Duo seems to run hot and cold sometimes flirting sometimes being belligerent. Trowa feds him. Then Duo mentions some conversation he had with Quatre about Trowa. Next thing you know, lots of hot looking snogging is going on and "off camera" yaoi. Trowa leaves and as he's walking down the hall he overheards Une talking about Treize. Wufei and Heero return to the cell to see Duo asleep.

There's also a text story called Prism Earth which essentially seems to be a Duo and Heero story. This is a might large volume (160 p. only 20 are text).

* Special thanks to Chiakusei for the title translations!

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