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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Cirque 2 CoverCIRQUE 2.
Circle is Bettie Serveert. Published 1997.

The cover says Duo x Trowa, Duo x Heero, Heero x Relena, Duo x ...? But what's here is mostly shounen-ai and mostly Duo and Trowa. First story, Trowa is in bed sleeping. Duo comes to visit and Quatre tells him to be quiet because Trowa is still out of it. He gives Duo Trowa's clothes and leaves. Trowa wakes up and as he takes off his pajama top, Duo pounces on him. Trowa's none to happy about that and shuns him. They talk about Quatre briefly and Duo is kissing Trowa again. This time Trowa doesn't fight. However, he's not happy with the hickey that Duo leaves on his neck. He's just glad he wears turtleneck sweaters and the love mark will be covered.

The next story is called Dog Tag. Duo is walking around carrying Heero's dog tag. So I'm guessing Heero is dead. Duo cuts off his braid and stays with Trowa and Catherine in the circus. While Duo is out helping Catherine with the shopping, Trowa puts away Duo's old priest attire and finds Heero's dogtag. Later he helps put makeup on Duo who is now working as a clown in the circus with them.

The picture on the cover is Duo with and without the braid.

Smaller Coji Coji CoverCOJI COJI TO ISSHO. ("Together with CojiCoji")
Circle is Ken Mizuki/Midori Sasaya (Ypritto/PTM Club). Published 1998.

This really weird looking alien arrives on the Peacemillion and annoys everyone except Trowa. I guess it's Trowa's affinity for animals that cause the weird looking thing to bond with him, much to Heero's dislike.

So Trowa leaves the alien with Duo as he seeks out Heero. They go to Trowa's room for a little nookie only to be disrupted by the alien. The alien tells the others all the interesting noises Heero makes with Trowa and next thing you know one seriously pissed Heero is pointing a gun at it.

Then somewhere along the way the alien and Treize are having tea. WHY? Your guess is as good as mine. It's a very cute dj. Some of the pissed Heero expressions are priceless.

Smaller Falling Down CoverFALLING DOWN.
Circle is Altir. Published 1998.

Trowa is having a tough time deciding who he's really interested in ... Quatre or Wufei.To make matters worse all the pilots are staying together in a house. One night Quatre begs and weeps and tells Trowa his feelings. Wufei stumble into the scene. Trowa kisses Quatre. Quatre slaps Trowa and leaves. Wufei then walks up and punches Trowa giving the boy a fat lip.

Quatre goes to cry on Duo's shoulder literally. Heero seeks Wufei out to talk and Trowa packs up and decides to head back to the circus. Wufei kisses a surprised Trowa goodbye before he goes. Catherine wonders why Trowa looks so beat up.

Smaller Nazo CoverNAZO [Mystery] FOR ADULT*.
Circle is Rose. Published 1998?

This is from the same circle that brought you Mystery. The first story, Victims of Love starts of with a panel showing the g-boys drinking. Next you see Wufei asleep. Trowa tries to wake up Wufei, but Wufei's in the mood for love... okay he's in the mood for bumping uglies (why mince words?). This one is just as smutty as Mystery, although it's short with only about 18 pages.

The rest of the book consists of two text stories. Beams, which is a Treize x Wufei story and Baby Glamorous II which is a Trowa x Wufei story. Nice if you want some Trowa and Wufei smut even if it is brief. Yes, there are two doujinshi called Mystery and they are both by the circle Rose. Talk about your lack of title ideas!

Smaller Gundam Wing W1 CoverMOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING W1.
Circle is Bombom Comics. Published 2000.

This manga covers the series (if not exactly by the letter) from when the g-boys land on earth until they return to space. For instance you have Relena, Heero and Duo all meet up when Heero first lands, which is incorrect or you have Trowa with Heero after he self-destructed then the next scene is Wufei and Treize's duel. Excuse me but when Wufei was defeated he went with Trowa to the circus, remember? Then you have the Antarctica duel of Zechs and Heero on the next page. Call it highly condensed. But nice anyway.

Thanks to Chiakusei for the translation of the title!

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