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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Honto Zutto Motto CoverHONTO? ZUTTO! MOTTO! [Translates as: Really? Absolutely! More!]*
Circle is Hexagram (Sakuya Syuho, Kazui Yukiji). Published 1996.

Well when you look at the cover it looks like something where Trowa and Duo would be fighting over Heero while Quatre lusts after Duo. But essentially it's gag humor for the most part. With playful "re-writing" of the scene where Duo shoots at Heero and Relena stands there to protect Heero. In one version Duo arrives late. In another "take" he arrives but his fly is open. And in another retelling when Relena visits Heero and Duo at school, she does a death glare that makes Duo's pants fall down.

Next is a story of Duo trying to seduce Heero. After a rocky start of Heero having none of that and tearful pleading on Duo's part, they get down and non-explicitly busy. Followed by some Quatre and Heero humor based on the series. One scene is at Relena's school. The other after they battled each other and he tries to feed Heero water. Heero's not very responsive, so Quatre finds more hentai like ways to revive Heero. It's "off camera" but enough to make Duo's nose bleed. It wasn't what I thought it was, but it's cute none the less.

Smaller Kaze no Rondo CoverKAZE NO RONDO.
Circle is Biji Reiku. Published 1995.

I love the internet, just when you think you can't find the title to something ... you do! Translates as Rondo's Breeze, the first story has a lovely brief yaoi moment between Zechs and Heero, Heero gets in an argument with him about love (I think). He storms off. And Zechs and Noin later have a talk.

Then a brief little two pager about Zechs being a merman who rescues Heero from the sea. Heero runs away and later they meet when Zechs is in OZ. This follows with a series of one and two page vignettes about the other Gundam Wing Pilots (Wufei punching out a woman singer, why? Who knows)

The last story looks to be a PWP of Zechs and Heero getting to know each other. Nice book. Yay! A real 6x1 dj that isn't just a picture or two.

Smaller Kumori no Chihare CoverKUMORI NO CHIHARE.
Circle is Tennensozai (Shou Azuma). Published 1998.

Very minimalist yaoi. Trowa and Duo are living together. Duo brings home something. They talk and kiss and take their clothes off, then Duo starts painting words on his and Trowa's body. They have a little tiff, then make up in the end.

Circle is P.P.M. (Akimi Tachihara). Published 1996.

This is an AU. The boys are on the Peacemillion (looks like it). Quatre is telling them there's trouble with OZ and WF (white fang?) on L4. Wufei and Trowa go to L4 to investigate.While undercover (Trowa's managed to style his bangs into something that rivals Treize), they get spotted by a woman who knows both of them. (Is it Iria? I have no idea). She takes them to her lab, shows off her wedding ring and asks them to help her with tests (on G-forces I guess).

Wufei has an argument with Trowa and fixes the boy's bangs back to their old way. Wufei sits in a simulator and does the tests for our mystery woman, while Trowa talks to a scientist guy (her husband?). After the test, mystery woman asks Wufei to join her in another room, where she pulls out a gun on him and they talk a lot about OZ and WF (is she a double agent? Who knows?). A lab assistant mentions to Trowa and scientist guy that mystery woman wandered off with Wufei.

Trowa (and scientist guy) runs into the room, Trowa shoots the gun out of her hand and as she pulls off her wedding ring, Trowa figures it's a bomb and grabs Wufei. They barely miss getting blown to bits. Next scene, Trowa is handing Wufei a cup of tea and they talk some before Trowa kisses Wufei. They share a few more sweet kisses and Trowa hugs him. The end.

It's really a nice story. Wish I knew who the chick was, who the scientist guy was, what WF is, and why did Quatre send Wufei and Trowa to L4 instead of handling it himself.

Smaller Semi Sweet Spell CoverSEMI SWEET SPELL.
Circle is Ken Mizuki & Midori Sasaya (Ypritto/PTM Club). Published 1997.

This is a surprising thick book (84 pages), however at least 35 of those are text). The subtitle is: Operation Meteor 2 at The Thank Kingdam School. The boys dress up as female students of Sank Kingdom's school. Why? Don't know. Trowa and Heero confess their feelings for each other in a church and a bunch of fangirls standing nearby drooling watching them kiss. (Not to mention they grab their cameras for the Kodak moment).

Later Heero still in a dress attends a ball with Trowa dressed in Sank Kingdom attire, much to Duo, Wufei and Quatre's surprise. Also Heero (sitting sidesaddle) is on a runaway horse, and Trowa rescues him (almost). Dorothy shows up. Duo and Quatre don't look particularly happy to see Trowa carrying Heero around after the runaway horse incident.

It's very sweet. And there is a short one page non specific yaoi scene between Trowa and Heero while they were both in dresses. But not enough of a scene for me to call this yaoi. I like to think of it as shounen-ai because there's plenty of kissing or near kissing going on.

Smaller Uke Wufei CoverUKE WUFEI.
Circle is Y. Natsuki, Y. Miyabi (X3). Published 1996.

I think this Wufei uke book is done by the X3 circle, who generally draw Trowa uke stories. Essentially it's gag humor. Duo dressed as an OZ soldier gives Wufei up to Treize (Loved the picture of Wufei not letting Duo leave by hanging on to the braid).

There are some pages in pink showing Wufei being up close and personal with Treize, Heero and others. The last gag has Heero, Duo and Wufei imprisoned on the moonbase. They have been given their meals of soup among other things, but their hands are still bound. Duo sticks his face in to eat. Heero takes off a shoe and is using his foot to ladle soup to his mouth. They say things to each other that has Trowa (as OZ soldier) looking puzzled as to what's going on in the cell as he listens on the other side of the door. It's cute, but the yaoi is minimal.

*Arigato Chiakusei for the translation!

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