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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Atieya CoverATIEYA.
Circle is Pepper-Vivio. Published 1996.

Trowa seems to be some sort of angelic figure brought to Une and Treize by an angel when he is a baby. He grows up and wanders in the desert where he encounters Heero and Quatre.

Heero and Quatre are cousins, but they are in love. Heero gets hurt and Trowa wanders by and patches him up. Quatre develops a crush on Trowa and tries to sneak in his bed, much to the surprise of Trowa. And Heero who is also bedding in the same room.

Then a woman who looks like Une presents Trowa, Heero and Quatre little chibi pilots! Why? Got me. In the end it looks like Trowa, Heero and Quatre decide that they can live happily together with each other. I would call this shounen-ai, although Quatre seems naked a lot when he's kissing on Heero and/or Trowa. Check out the Heero's picture on the back cover.

Smaller Hologram Rose CoverHOLOGRAM ROSE.
Circle is Laissez-Faire (Ayano Tatsuki). Published 1996.

A rare Quatre x Heero dj if you ask me. There's a twenty page text story at the beginning. Then you get the story seems to be based on the episode where Heero tells Quatre he's put the Zero system in Quatre's mobile suit. Looks to be an angsty little story with Quatre hugging Heero. Then Duo is telling Heero that Heero really cares for Quatre maybe?

The next story everyone is still on the Peacemillion and they are back from a mission but Heero is hurt and/or unconscious. Quatre visits Heero, they talk and have a very light yaoi scene. I think of this as more shonen-ai then yaoi, but it's a nice book anyway.

Smaller Kaku no Niwa CoverKAKU NO NIWA.
Circle is Ohka Project. Published 1998.

Why is Heero sitting on Trowa's lap inside a gundam? Is the gundam Heavyarms or Vayeate? I have no idea. But the share a few sweet moments in the cockpit.

Next story has Heero in an evening gown? Trowa visits and they have a few tender moments.

This is followed by a text story called Soul Master. It's nice, even if I don't know what's going on.

Smaller Morning Moon CoverMORNING MOON.
Circle is Cross Fade (Kaoru Yamagiwa). Published 1995.

This may be the oddest drawing style of Trowa and Heero that I own. I know that Moon Earth has a "different" style when it comes to the boys but at least they are proportional. Even the dj, 01 had elongated but proportional representation of the characters. But this one everyone's heads are drawn really bizarre like. Everyone has huge cheeks and jaws with the back of their heads almost completely flat. With long pencil necks. Oh my.

Drawing style aside, it seems to be about Heero thinking back on his relationship with the missing (a/k/a shot into space by Quatre) Trowa. There are a few panels where Trowa, Heero and Quatre are drawn fine. Overall it's a nice little book with tasteful yaoi, but you have to get past the interesting artist style. Don't get me wrong, a character doesn't have to look EXACTLY like the series, there's nothing wrong with creative license, but if you didn't know it was Trowa, Heero (and yes Quatre appears in this story also) you'd never know.

Smaller Rage CoverRAGE.
Circle is Kiyomari-G.W (Ariko Kanazawa). Published 1996.

Stop if you've heard this one before ... Trowa is taking care of injured Heero after he self-destructed. The differences? Well, Heero seems mighty stubborn. At one point he takes off all his bandages although he's still bleeding from many of his injuries. You get to see Trowa and animals. He's snuggling with lions and playing with birds.

Heero observes him with the birds and when a bird flies to Heero to land on the boy's hand, Trowa sees the blood and yells at Heero. They go back to the trailer to disagree some more before they go for a lovely yaoi moment.

Next morning Heero wakes up alone and checks his injuries and when Trowa returns they argue. Heero pulls a gun on Trowa and Trowa pulls him in for a kiss.

Strange elongated drawing style that graces the other doujinshi I own called 01, but overall, not a bad story.

Smaller Xero 01 CoverXERO ONE: 01.
Circle is Coco & D.D. House (Katsumi Kanzaki). Published 1995.

Yes, I know it should be spelled Zero One, but it isn't. ^__^ First story Trowa and Heero are traveling with Noin to Antarctica. Heero is dreaming of a slightly earlier time (while seeking out the Noventas). Noin goes to check on them and Trowa motions her to be quiet, while Heero sleeps with his head on Trowa's shoulder. Noin has that "isn't that kawaii" look on her face.

Then there some short text stories followed by what looks to be an adventure with chibi Heero. He looks to be about four and decides to hop in the bath with a full grown Lady Une. As he pokes at her breasts asking what those things are she sweatdrops. Later, Heero runs into Noin's arms and they are playing together like it's a playschool or something. He innocently says something about Une that has Noin looking shocked and Treize looking angry. Next panel Une is driving Treize somewhere and he's bitching her out. It's very cute. I'll have to find someone to translate this story.

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