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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Unknown smaller 3x1 cover*RIKOTEKINA IDENSHI (Ken Mizuki, artist).
Circle is Ypritto. Published 1996.

This book is mostly text. The first 35 pages of this 112 page "illustrated comic" are manga. The story takes place on the Peacemillion. Trowa is still without his memory and Heavyarms is brought to the Peacemillion. Remember the scene with Wufei gives Trowa grief that he's in no condition to fight? That's where this starts. Trowa has an "attack". Sally and Noin try to help Trowa. All flashes of memory Trowa seem to have are of Heero. He seeks Heero out, and they end up in a nice embrace and a sweet kiss with Noin looking on from a distance.

The rest seems to be a text novel called Bind by Midori Sasaya. There are several pictures intermixed with this story. If the "pictures tell the story" here, then it seems to be about Heero being lost to Trowa. A child who looks like a younger version of Heero (I don't know he's about 8) takes up Trowa's time. He takes care of the chibi Heero until one day the grown-up Heero shows up with a gun ready to kill the chibi Heero. Don't know what happens to chibi Heero but last page has a nice picture of Trowa sitting with a sleeping Heero with his head on Trowa's shoulder. So was it all a dream? Who the heck knows?

Taoism coverTAOISM.
Circle is Okuzuke. Published 1995.

Here you have 2 mangas and a brief text story. It's a Trowa x Wufei doujinshi. First story, Trowa is an OZ soldier and he comes to interrogate Wufei. They talk OZ for a bit, Trowa starts kissing Wufei, who initially resists. However once Wufei starts to give into to this snogging, Lady Une arrives and interrupts their fun. Trowa leaves glancing back on a flushed Wufei.

Next is a text story called Baby Glamorous which seems to be about Duo and Trowa (I know I can't read Japanese but I can recognize the characters names in Kanji and Duo and Trowa are mentioned often in this story).

Finally the last story in this is a rather sad PWP. Wufei asks Trowa why he wears his hair the way he does. While pushing back Trowa's bangs, he notices that Trowa bears a striking resemblance to Treize Khushrenada. While they make love, Wufei is thinking about Treize. You also get a sense at the end that Trowa realizes that fact. Well at least Wufei had the good sense not to call out Treize's name during the fairly explicit act.

Anokoni  coverANOKONI RABU RABU.
Circle is Aijo Bank. Published 1995.

I don't know if you could call this a Quatre uke book, but if it is one, but not very explicit. The first story is a weird one. Quatre is a 10 year old being protected by the Gundam boys who all look about 17 except for Wufei who looks to be almost the same age as Quatre. Quatre who is very kawaii with his little sweater and tie asks Duo why Trowa doesn't seem to like him. All the others play with him but not Trowa. Trowa goes to say something to Quatre, but the younger boy gets angry and runs outside. An assassin makes an attempt on Quatre's life but Trowa throws his body over Quatre's when the bullets fly. Duo and Wufei take out the assassin, and Quatre realizes that Trowa risked his life for him. After making sure Trowa is alright, he gives the quiet boy a kiss on the cheek and a great big hug.

The second story has Quatre sneaking into Heero's bedroom. He wants Heero to make love to him. Heero (not being stupid) asks about Trowa. (But because I don't know Japanese, I don't know what the reply was, sorry). Next thing you know the two are getting down and dirty. It's very pretty, not explicit and sadly a rather short story (3 pages??!!!). This is followed by a text story entitled Heavenly Blue & Ever Green (a Quatre & Trowa story).

Gifted Child coverGIFTED CHILD.
Circle is Mecca. Published 1995.

There are a few one page gag stories before you get to the main story, oddly enough called Gifted Child. Quatre is flirting big time with poor shy Trowa. He's perched on the taller boy's lap and offering him Pocky (a Japanese snack). Next thing you know Pocky play leads Pocky kissing. (Who knew Pocky had the power to seduce?). Next thing you know Quatre and Trowa are in bed. My interpretation is Trowa jumped the old "trigger" if you know what I mean. Quatre seems to be hugging him and telling him that it's okay, then they REALLY get down to (non-explicit) business with Heero, Duo and Wufei standing outside their (closed) bedroom door all sweatdropping!

Pink Pupa coverPINK PUPA.
Circle is Pepper Vivio. Published 1996.

The first story is very bizarre. While fighting with Zechs in space something happens that transforms Quatre into a female. The scene where he drags Heero off to verify that fact is very kawaii. So Heero breaks the news to Trowa while the others listen on in shock and Quatre is standing around in embarrassment. (One of the boys, I think Trowa) daydreams about life with female Quatre. He comes home from a hard days work to be greeted by his six daughters who all look like Quatre. Then is lovingly greeted by wifey Quatre. Snapping out of his daydream he tells Quatre he's fine with him being a woman.

This is then followed by several sort gag stories. The final story is a PWP story. A sleeping (male) Quatre is being seduced by Heero who seems to be a wolf (literally). This one is pretty explicit, exhibiting wolfy-Heero's talented tongue. Quatre wakes up. Heero finishes and I suspect says something smart-assed because the next thing you know he has those two curving blade things in his head that Sandrock uses to dispense of the enemy.

Last Deathscythe coverLAST DEATHSCYTHE.
Circle is Tcell. Published 1996.

Strange story. Duo and Catherine are talking. A strange woman approaches them. Catherine gets pissed and bitchslaps Duo. This changes (flashes back?) to Duo and Quatre in bed. One minute they are talking about Trowa & Heero and the next minute you have some explicit 2x4 action. Turn the page and Duo is now explaining himself to Catherine and the mystery woman (Is she Iria, Quatre's sister? I have NO idea). Now Catherine is hugging and kissing Duo. Which leads to a flashback of Duo and Heero together. Next scene Quatre is calling Heero via radio to tell him that Trowa is dead. Quatre is crying. Now flash forward to a crying Catherine, crying mystery woman and crying mystery woman's young daughter! Next scene is Heero alone in a room somewhere crying. The end.

Then you get some one page gags followed by an explicit 2x1 PWP followed by some more one page gags. Very strange indeed.

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