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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Slate Blue CoverSLATE BLUE.
Circle is Finder-W. Published 1996.

The first story takes place in Antarctica. Trowa is sitting out in the snow with NO COAT on thank you very much. Heero brings him inside and gives him coffee. They talk and Trowa kisses Heero.

Next story has Heero in the shower. He's thinking about SOMETHING and Trowa comes to see if he's okay. Next thing you know Trowa and Heero are having some yaoi shower fun. However it turns out Heero is sick and feverish. Trowa brings him a cold drink in bed. Heero takes out the icecubes to cool his skin and as Trowa tries to leave he stops him with a quick embrace and a kiss. Then let the fun begin!

Final story Trowa is dressed as OZ and he and Heero are in a room. Trowa gives a bottle of wine to the guards who are guarding the room. Heero takes off his manacles and he and Trowa talk while staring at earth outside the window. Trowa kisses him. Next morning, Trowa sees a message on the computer in the room and doesn't look very happy about it. He steps over the drunk and unconscious guards and leaves. Heero sits by the bed in his manacles again thinking.

I liked this. But I generally like Finder-W stories in general.

Smaller Uchuu no Kokoro DJ CoverUCHUU NO KOKORO.
Circle is Tanoshi O-Group (Toshi). Published 199?.

I don't know the title (correction, the title is Space Heart! Yeah to me!). I could read the one bit that said 120% Uke Heero! Heero is getting it from everyone (although he seems to be seme in the story with Trowa).

At one point, Duo walks in on Wufei and Heero going at it. Strips down and decides to join them. Can we say Wufei sandwich? Then Quatre arrives with a whip in hand ready to join in on the fun as well!

There's a short text story called Midnight Confusion which seems to be a Treize x Wufei story with a little Trowa thrown in. It's a small 45 page doujinshi but it's filled with yaoi. Plenty of it. Not very graphic but certainly there.

Smaller Vagabond CoverVAGABOND.
Circle is P.P.M. Published 1996.

Several short gags. A few of them have Trowa and Heero arguing over Wufei.

The longer story has Trowa returning to Peacemillion. Wufei is the only one around and they talk for a while, then Trowa tries to seduce him. Wufei panics and turns off the gravity in the room forcing Trowa to float away from him. Then Wufei yells at him some and leaves. Later they are in their mobile suits and talk.

Smaller Violet CoverVIOLET.
Circle is Mutuharu (v) books (Mutuki Sawatari/Haruki Kagami). Published 1995.

My first yuri doujinshi. And it's Noin & Une! Une is the submissive partner in both the stories. The first story Une slaps Noin over something and Noin gets miffed. So much rolling around results with Noin stripping Une of her uniform and doing the deed with her. You get to see lots of naked Une, somehow Noin manages to keep her clothes on most of the time.

The second story is not as violent. Noin visits Une while Une is in bed. She proceeds to make love to Une although Treize's name gets mentioned in this part often. After having her way with Une, Noin dresses and is walking down the hall where she runs into Zechs. She obviously says something that disgusts Zechs. (Maybe she told him what she was doing with Une?)

Smaller W Impact CoverW IMPACT.
Circle is Hidalgo. Published 1995.

The first story seems to be a gag one. Duo is trying to seduce Heero. He's got Heero laying on his back, but Heero keeps trying to scoot away and Duo won't let him. They end up scooting all the way to the bathroom, leaving Heero with a serious case of rug burn!

Second story is set on the Moon base. Heero is being escorted by an Ozzie when he sees another OZzie kissing Trowa in a dark corner. Somehow Trowa and Heero end up in an elevator together. Heero destroys the camera in the elevator and the elevator's control panel causing Trowa to sweatdrop. He grabs Trowa and kisses him, saying something (probably something like ... "mine"). Trowa laughs and it's Heero's turn to sweatdrop. Then Trowa kisses Heero and let the yaoi begin.... Everybody now (in your best Aerosmith Steve Tyler voice) ... 'love in an elevator...'

I liked this one mainly because I don't feel so cheated of the Trowa and Heero story here as I did in X-Files which is also by the same circle. And for grins, I've included the back cover.

Smaller W*WW*WWW CoverW*WW*WWW.
Circle is Get Happy (Botan Satomiya). Published 1996.

This is three doujinshi volumes in one. This is a general humor doujinshi. The running gag of each issue seems to be folks determined to give Wufei a Panda bear as a gift. In W, Duo buys the panda and gives it to Wufei (who doesn't LIKE pandas!) Quatre likes it though.

In WW, Trowa gets Wufei a panda bear that's larger than the one that Duo had tried giving him. Wufei still doesn't want the panda. And again Quatre is captivated by the bear.

In WWW, Heero (and later Treize) try giving Wufei a huge panda. It's a very cute doujinshi.

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