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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller 69 Cover69 (SIX NINE).
Circle is Wild Half (Ryo Takahashi). Published 1996.

Wufei is in a schoolgirl outfit and Trowa seems to like that just fine. Yaoi by page 2 in this one. No I don't know why Wufei is in a dress.

Then there are a few one page gags of Duo professing his love for Heero (Heero doesn't seem impressed). Quatre professing his love for Trowa who looks stunned (and Wufei looks pissed). Finally Wufei professing love for Duo only to have Duo say he only has eyes for Heero who still remains unimpressed.

Another story has Duo playing a prank, he's put something in some food that Wufei accidentally eats. It must be hot and spicy or something because Wufei has tears in his eyes and his tongue is sticking out. Trowa to the rescue, who promptly starts kissing Wufei, much to the shock of everyone at the table.

Very cute and it if weren't for the yaoi scenes in the first part of the book it wouldn't really merit that "for Adults" labeling on the back cover.

Smaller Cocoa Milk Tea CoverCOCOA MILK TEA.
Circle is Johnny Glico. Published 1995?.

An interesting little story. In this universe, Trowa and Wufei met when they were children living in the streets. Trowa looks after Wufei. One day Wufei finds a gun and points it at his head like it's a game, much to Trowa's concern. Later you see Wufei in his gundam and Trowa is captured by OZ. Wufei comes to rescue Trowa. Trowa hugs him.

Circle is Atumianikies (Aniki Atumi) /Sango Show (Sango Hitodi)/Soldier Boy (Asami Nagisa). Published 1998.

This is a very thick doujinshi (163 pages), comprised of three stories by three circles. The Back cover is nice also.

The first story is called "A Walk on the Clouds" by Sango Hitodi. It covers Heero and Trowa's relationship from when Heero was staying with Trowa and Catherine in the circus after he self-destructed. Heero is quite the difficult patient. He doesn't want to take pain medication and he fights with Trowa every step of the way, but they come to an understanding and a nice little romance.

The second story is a text story called "Armageddon" by Asami Nagisa of Soldier Boy. Don't know what it's about other than it's a Trowa & Heero story but it's pretty long (62 pages).

The third and final story is a bizarre one called "Lethal Weapon" by Aniki Atumi of Atumianikies. You have Trowa living with 2 Heeros. One is Heero who is 18 like Trowa and the other Heero is a 10 year old. Big Heero isn't particularly happy having Little Heero around. Especially since Little Heero seems to like Trowa. One day Little Heero walks in on Trowa and Heero having some "quiet time" and is confused and a little angry. The two Heeros share a room (and a bed) and Little Heero decides to sneak into Trowa's room. Umm... can we say shota here? Little Heero seduces Trowa and Trowa doesn't seem to be fighting it all that hard. Kind of squicky for those who don't like shota. Next morning it's Big Heero in Trowa's bed. Even Trowa seems a little surprised to see him there. Very bizarre.

Smaller Hold Up CoverHOLD UP!!!
Circle is Altir. Published 199?.

The rest of the boys are on the back cover! Mostly gag humor. There's one story where Treize keeps trying to sing to Wufei (after Quatre and the Manguacs found the most ridiculous outfit for Wufei to wear).

The yaoi story is Duo and Heero finding out that what they want is each other. A Christmas themed story that has Duo talking to Santa Claus and Santa giving him a gift to give to Heero. That one is a weird one just because throughout the story anytime you saw Wufei, Trowa was plastered to his back, hugging him by the neck for dear life.

Very sweet doujinshi.

Smaller Let's Go CoverLET'S GO TDL!
Circle is TDL (Vespa). Published 1995.

This is the first TDL doujinshi that featured the Gremlins story of Trowa and chibified Duo that spawned the sequels featured in the doujinshi, Miracle Night Diving and Over the Rainbow.

Trowa gets stopped by Wufei Jr. who tries to sell him things from his tent at a carnival. Trowa gets intrigued when he hears singing in a box. He opens the box to see one chibi Duo. The boy is willing to sell the chibi to him but his father Wufei Sr. doesn't want to sell. Trowa leaves but the son runs out and gives Trowa the box (and Duo).

Trowa is enchanted by Chibi Duo, although he frightened himself when he gave Duo a cap full of champagne at Xmas time and Duo passed out. One night while Trowa was asleep, Duo wonders out for a snack and becomes full grown Duo. Trowa wakes up looking for Duo and panicks when he sees a full grown Duo in his bed (yes they sleep together, chibi has his own pillow and everything). Duo has to convince Trowa that he is the same chibi he's been living with and gives Trowa a kiss.

It's very sweet this series. Unfortunately about 20 pages of this 46 page doujinshi is a text story called Fine! But I had to complete the collection considering I bought it in reverse order!

Smaller Trip CoverTRIP.
Circle is Code Name. Published 1995.

I would call this shounen-ai rather than yaoi. First story Heero and Wufei are working in a club and dressed as scantily clad nekos. Duo and Trowa are the clientele at the club. Duo tries to get Heero drunk. Wufei is embarrassed by his attire and gives Trowa a hard time. Trowa covers the half naked boy with a coat and Wufei gets friendlier (and drunk). Next scene Wufei wakes up in Trowa's bed and yells at him. Trowa doesn't look too thrilled by that.

Then there's a running gag about Wufei trying to take a self-timer picture with Nataku.

The final story has Wufei sitting in a field somewhere. Trowa parachutes in and decides to hang out with Wufei for a while. He kisses Wufei who is stunned initially before he goes after Trowa with his katana. Very sweet, cute gags of a sweet Trowa and a cranky Wufei.

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