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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Circle is [Unknown]. Published 1997.

Really it should be called Smut, Smut, Smut because that is what is it ... wall to wall smut (of course that's not a bad thing at all). First story has Trowa as a teacher and Wufei is his student he keeps after class and has his way with him.

Then there's the story where Trowa is a doctor and Wufei is a surgeon at the same hospital and they have a yaoi moment while the nurses pull out their camcorders to record the session.

All the stories are pwp (why is Trowa drugging Wufei to have his way with him in the circus?), but it's a pretty large doujinshi (113 pages) and very few text stories longer than a page or two in it. ^___^ Loved Une wearing the I [heart] 3x5 t-shirt though.

Smaller 365 Days CoverYUUGEN JIKKOU 365 NICHI (Say and Do all 365 Days).
Circle is Garakuta Gakudan. Published 1997.

This is an anthology showing snippets from other Garakuta Gakudan doujinshi from the years 1995-1997. This circle did Hana no Asia and a few more djka I have represented here. So it was pretty funny how much of this book I looked at saying, "Yes, I remember this story. Yep, I remember that one too!"

This circle seems to live for angst stories concerning Trowa and Wufei and they ran from sad (Kyrie Eleison in which Trowa in a hospital bed being visited by a phantom Wufei, that he still thinks about even though he's an old man of 80 STILL in the same hospital bed) to weird (Magician's Heart in which Trowa is a magician and a chibi Wufei picks a card with a human heart picture on it, Trowa disintergrates rather nastily only to reappear with a very stunned Wufei) to morbid (I don't know the title of this one, but all the g-boys are kids around 5 or 6). One day Wufei takes a knife and stabs Trowa in the throat. The adults witness this in horror and take dead Trowa away. Wufei doesn't understand what the fuss is about because he's too young to understand the concept of death. Quatre cheers him up.

Very good anthology and only makes me want the ones I don't have.

Smaller Bad Communication CoverBAD COMMUNICATION.
Circle is Deep. Published 1995.

Oh me ... oh my. A very smutty Zechs x Heero doujinshi! Plot? There are none to these stories. Just Zechs having his way with Heero and Heero yanking Zechs' hair while they are going at it.

There seemed to be one quick pwp where Heero wants to be seme and loses out (although he didn't seem that distressed about it) and one where Relena walks in at an inopportune moment. I like how they are both drawn and the smut is very lovely.

Smaller Go It Blind CoverGO IT BLIND.
Circle is Ypritto (Ken Mizuki). Published 1996.

This very thin (12 pages) doujinshi seem to be Ken Mizuki's take on the Gundam Wing radio drama Blind Target. Despite the fact Heero is on the cover, this part seems to be about a guy talking about Trowa's past as a mercenary (I'm presuming it's suppose to be Ralph Kurt, who in the manga for Blind Target looks like Heero, but in this doujinshi the guy is blond and looks nothing like the Ralph I've come to know). This person runs into Trowa at the circus and he wants Trowa to hand over his gundam.

The back cover has Trowa on it.

Smaller Mizukara Baku CoverMIZUKARA BAKU [Don't know the rest].
Circle is Bevel. Published 1999.

The title part that I could pick up is Self Explode [something]. In this Duo drinks something that turns him into a woman (with really big boobs). Heero seems non-plussed about the whole thing. It certainly doesn't seem to stop him from having his hentai way with Duo.

After the deed is done, Duo turns back into a guy (much to Heero's disappointment). Duo looks pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

Smaller Falling Down 1 CoverFALLING DOWN (FIRST VOL).
Circle is Altir. Published 1998?

This is the prequel to another Altir dj reviewed here also called Falling Down (final vol.).

This tells how Wufei and Trowa become attracted to each other. Wufei is staying with Trowa at the circus when Quatre and Duo call for them to come to Quatre's estate? On the ensuing road trip, Wufei suppresses his feelings for Trowa and Trowa is always sneaking glances Wufei's way. They get to the estate and Quatre pulls Trowa away from everyone to talk. While Wufei is in his room agonizing over Trowa, Trowa and Quatre are playing kissing face by the gardens.

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