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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Circle is Ypritto (Ken Mizuki). Published 1996.

This seems to be more of a catalog of possible covers or samples of doujinshi drawn by Ken Mizuki. They are beautiful and I wish they were in color because I suspect much of it was, but it's not really a doujinshi. It's more like a catalogue of works.

Smaller Haienno Oni CoverHAIENNO ONI.
Circle is Babylon A.D./Sarah. Published 1996.

This first story called Farewell to Reality is alternate universe story here. An injured Heero wanders upon a mansion in the rain. Inside this mansion lives Trowa. Seven days later Heero awakens to find that Trowa had him all bandaged up and had been taking care of him.

Heero stays for a while and they become friends. One night Trowa is overcome with compulsion and bites Heero (turns out Trowa is a vampire). He looks pretty upset that he attacked Heero. Heero is upset as well. Looks like the next day he's packed and ready to leave, he decides to stay with Trowa. The rest of the book (about 2/3rds ) is a text story called Haienno Oni.

I've never been a big fan of G-boys as vampire stories, but at least I can say I have a copy of one in doujinshi form.

Smaller Katori Ryuu CoverKATORI RYUU.
Circle is [Unknown]. Published 199?

There's a lot of text intertwined in this one, but it's still rather enjoyable. Trowa watches Wufei sleep and decides to take Wufei's pony tail loose. While he's caressing Wufei's face, Wu wakes up and slaps him. Another story has the two travelling together. Wufei bathes under a waterfall and Trowa watches him. They share a nice kiss and the games get a going. Not very graphic but very beautifully drawn.

Wufei is in space flying a mission and thinking about Trowa. Finally there's a story where Wufei is practicing his katas and Duo and Trowa admire him from afar. It has cute, it has sexy, it has too many damn text stories!

Smaller Last Scene CoverLAST SCENE.
Circle is X3. Published 1997.

You have to admit the cover is gorgeous. It's a uke Trowa book from the kings of uke Trowa circles, X3. My only complaint is how huge they usually make Trowa's nipples.

In any case mostly short snippets of everyone getting it on with Trowa. Duo and Quatre have their turns. The original Trowa Barton gets his shot and the scene with Heero, there's no sex going on (darn) although Trowa is parading around in nothing but an apron.

There are a few pictures of Trowa in drag, and a text story. And a cute gag story about how Trowa got all those muscles in Endless Waltz when he wore that circus outfit (think nike air pump). :)

Smaller Oishii Lifestyle CoverOISHII LIFE STYLE (Delicious Lifestyle).
Circle is Psyche/Fumin (Ken Mizuki). Published 1996.

Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Duo are all going to school. Quatre and Duo seem to notice that Heero has a crush on Trowa. One day Heero is almost hit by a car but Trowa pushes him out the way and gets hurt instead.

Thinking about Trowa one night Heero plays with himself. The next day Trowa (out of the hospital) gives him an invitation to a party and a peck on the cheek.

The next is a gag story of Quatre styling Trowa's hair to very scary results. Then the rest of the book (probably half of the 102 pages) is a text novel.

Smaller Like a Flower on the Rubble CoverGAREKI NI SAKU HANA NO YOUNI (Like a Flower on the Rubble).
Circle is Garakuta Gakudan. Published 1997.

Wufei is staying with Trowa and Catherine in the circus. Although Wufei and Catherine have their tense moments (on Wufei's part mostly) they become friends. Wufei discovers a person ransacking Catherine's trailer. The guy makes a run for it and takes Catherine hostage. Wufei tries to save Catherine and he gets shot in the leg. Wufei still gets the guy though. It turns out he's looking for gundams. So the next day Trowa and Wufei leave so Catherine and the circus won't be in danger anymore.

The last pages are the strange and sad Kyrie Eleison story as mentioned in Yuugen Jikkou 365 Nichi.

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