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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Mellow Yellow CoverMELLOW YELLOW.
Circle is Inepro. Published 1996.

This is a paperdoll book. You have the boys in their undies (except Wufei who is wearing a fig leaf) and you can dress them in their clothes or in drag. It's cute.

Smaller Mouko no Futari Dounika Shite! CoverMOUKO NO FUTARI DOUNIKA SHITE!
Circle is Fuyuko Seno. Published 1996.

It's mostly a text story with a few short manga shorts. One has Duo and Trowa arguing over Heero. Another has Duo and Trowa going to Heero's room to find him half dressed with an unconscious (and/or dead) assailant. And a silly short about Trowa defends Heero against Noin.

There's a long text story called Only You Only Red.

Smaller Otona no Kodomotachi CoverOTONA NO KODOMOTACHI.
Circle is Uchi Land with [kangi] 1 Kodomo Tachi. Published 1995.

A very cute if very small 23 pages, mostly consisting of humorous gags. In the first one Duo tries to confess something to Wufei who is under covers asleep. Duo pulls the covers back to discover Trowa in Wufei's bed. Wufei comes into his room and watches them argue over him. Of course Quatre doesn't mind "comforting" the upset Wufei.

The next story is more of a sad shonen-ai. Wufei has a bad dream and Trowa comes to his room. They talk for a while and kiss for a while but when things get a little too heated Wufei stops Trowa from going any farther. But he doesn't exactly kick the guy out of his bed either. He just falls asleep with Trowa looking on.

Smaller Pandora Box CoverPANDORA BOX.
Circle is Finder-W. Published 1997.

Heero is being repeated raped both physically and mentally. The first story, Memory Rink (I'm sure that's suppose to be Memory Link) Heero's strapped to a table with electrodes on him, and in his dream state he thinks he's having sex with Duo. While in actuality creepy guys (Dr. J is mentioned) are groping him.

The second story, Prison. Heero is on the moonbase, imprisoned. Two officers come in and have their way with him. Trowa arrives a bit too late, but tells them he has instructions to take the prisoner somewhere. So Trowa escorts Heero to another room, where two more Ozzies start raping Heero. Trowa shoots the officers. They talk and Trowa starts kissing Heero.

Smaller Second Pandora Box CoverPANDORA BOX SECOND.
Circle is Finder-W. Published 1999.

Well Finder-W just wasn't done making poor Heero the super slut of the GW universe. In the first story Contamination, the Gundam boys are on the Peacemillion. While Heero is working, one of the mechanics on the ship has his way with Heero, while Duo is bemoaning something with Howard on a different part of the ship. Heero tries to fight the guy off and so the guy ties one of Heero's legs to a pipe and continues to have his way. Then some of the mechanics buddies walk in on them and decide to have their way as well. So while Duo is whining to Howard (probably about Heero), the poor guy is being gang banged. Finally when Heero returns to his room, Duo comes by and kisses him.

Nightmare is the second story. Trowa is taking care of an injured Heero. Later that night someone comes into Heero's room and rapes him. He tried fighting the assailant off until he got tied up. He tried calling for Trowa before being gagged. After the deed is done, Heero wakes up suddenly wondering if it was a nightmare. Trowa comes to his room holding an ice pick that was used to pin Heero's arms down during his attack. Trowa says something about being bound and shows Heero the marks on his arms. Heero then pulls his pajama sleeves to see the marks on his wrists from pulling on the ropes that held him. Although I'm not so sure if he thinks that Trowa raped him or not. Mighty dark series. I wonder is there a Pandora Box the Third out there?

Smaller Party Night CoverPARTY NIGHT.
Circle is Okuzuke. Published 1995.

Although there are several Trowa and Heero gags like an unconscious Heero's heart literally talks to Trowa freaking him out, the yaoi type moments are mostly Duo x Heero with a smattering of Quatre x Duo and Trowa x Wufei. It's a nice doujinshi for the most part though. Another Trowa and Heero gag was Heero waking up from his coma to find that he's wearing adult diapers. He's not too happy about that.

Smaller Yuurandaa paudaarubii CoverYUURANDAA PAUDAARUBII.
Circle is The Sun (Mizuki Takami). Published 1996.

Quatre seems to like the heat. The first story he and Duo are at a beach house. They share some sweet moments and sweeter kisses and Quatre decides that he wants more from Duo and he gets it.

Next story, Quatre seems flushed from the heat. Heero (reading a newspaper) seems cool. Quatre essentially throws himself at Heero and Heero obliges him only to wonder what the heck just occurred while Quatre is crying (tears of joy or sadness? you be the judge. No doubt there's some joke I'm missing there).

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