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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Patricia Reichardt CoverPATRICIA REICHARDT.
Circle is Taifu Club. Published 1998.

I'm going to call this shounen-ai. Trowa and Duo are having a nice peaceful afternoon. Duo is napping with his head on Trowa's lap and Trowa is reading. Just when they decide to kiss Quatre turns up and puts a bell in Duo's braid. Why? Got me.

Well bell or not after Quatre goes they have some nice kissing going on until Quatre comes in and interrupts again, although this time it looks like Trowa loses his temper at the blonde (good for him).

It's really a pretty nice book. Nice back cover too.

Smaller Pink Rose CoverPINK ROSE
Circle is Kanoko Takahashi, Marble Nekoya. Published 199?

Actually I think Pink Rose is also what the circle is called as well. It says For Adult (For Men) on the cover because Quatre, Wufei and Duo are girls in this doujinshi. Trowa gets to have het sex (imagine that, see Trowa rant). ^__^

Wufei confronts Trowa about something on the Peacemillion. Never mind that Wufei is dressed like Barbarella. Trowa takes off his shirt and cue cheesy porn music.

Next female Duo shows female Quatre the ways of love. I'm not sure if they are in a shower or a sauna, but I guess you're really not suppose to care.

Wufei is piloting her gundam when the control board turns into tentacles. Yes, Wufei has tentacle sex with Nataku.

Finally Dorothy kidnaps Quatre and tries to have her way with her. Trowa comes to the rescue, but Quatre is so worked up from before she decides to finish what Dorothy started. Hentai out the ying yang. Very bizarre. But certainly memorable.

Smaller Psyche CoverPSYCHE.
Circle is Sakaimitarasian. Published 1997.

This doujinshi starts and ends with a wedding. Told in flashback you are given the details of the romance between Quatre Raberba Winner and *gasp* Dorothy Catalonia? Quatre depressed that everyone seems to have someone (Heero has Relena, Duo has Hilde, Wufei has Sally and even Trowa and Catherine seem happy together) that one night he and Dorothy are sitting in a bar commiserating over that fact. So they start hanging out together and next thing you know romance blossoms.

You know I don't have anything against Quatre and Dorothy stories, but I found that this doujinshi kind of misses the boat by drawing Dorothy so ... soft and girly. Quatre doesn't really look much like Quatre either. It's really too bad, if this was done by giving us Dorothy's dramatic over the top character of being sexy and hard as nails, this could have been better. I didn't hate it, but I had to remind myself constantly that I was looking at Quatre and Dorothy making out *shudder* ^___^.

Smaller Asia no Junshin  CoverASIA NO JUNSHIN (Purity of Asia).
Circle is TWO Unit. Published 1996.

Wufei wakes up with a hangover and Trowa in his bed. He remembers Duo giving him a beer, but as for the rest, he doesn't seem to be a happy camper. Then there is a one page gag of a very uked Wufei with Nataku getting stressed out.

Followed by a sweet story of when Trowa and Wufei talked over the campfire and slept in Trowa's tent. Wufei recalls Trowa's face then as oppose to now, where Trowa is an OZ officer and Wufei's jailer. Wufei's not really happy about this (since he doesn't know where Trowa's loyalities lie).

The final story is a follow up to the first story. Wufei is pissed at Duo and shoves the guy out the way. Trowa witnesses this and follows Wufei to the boy's room to find out what's wrong. Wufei is sure that Trowa took advantage of him earlier. Trowa hugs him. A hug of course turns into a kiss. A kiss turns into a whole lot of clothes leaving the vicinity. After their union this time around Wufei remembered that their first time he was drunk and he was one doing the seducing. It's a very cute little doujinshi.

Smaller Spiral CoverSPIRAL.
Circle is Moon Earth (Seika Takazawa). Published 1997.

Treize is hitting on Heero. He's got the young man cornered and having a good grope and kiss before Trowa finds them together.

Treize lends them his limo for Preventer business. And Trowa proceeds to remind Heero who he cares about. Much groping and one vibrator egg later, Heero is in no condition to do anything but spend time with Trowa. He can't even walk because said vibrator is still buzzing along inside him. So Trowa carries him up to their room and more wild times continue. What can I say? It's smut pure and simple.

Smaller Switch CoverSWITCH.
Circle is [Unknown/Ash & Dynamite maybe?]. Published 1996.

Lots of PWPs concerning Trowa & Wufei. Trowa has a certain dream that has him washing his sheets in the wee hours of the morning with Catherine wondering what the heck he's doing.

Then nooky in the kitchen, which ends up with a slightly irked Wufei hitting Trowa in the head with a skillet.

Finally ... well nooky to the lyrics of a song. I'm not sure of the circle, but it looks reminiscent of Ash & Dynamite of the Sweet & Sweet series.

Smaller Trowa To Wu-chan CoverTROWA TO WU-CHAN.
Circle is Yoshiki Aya. Published 1996.

Trowa goes camping (or the circus in is a neighboring area you choose) and sees someone "fall" into the water of a lake. Trowa dives in to discover it's Wufei catching fish by hand.

They dry their clothes by the fire and let the yaoi games begin! In the snow no less. Pretty explicit. Lots of bodily fluids if you know what I mean. And in the end Catherine is calling out Trowa's name wondering where he his, while he and Wufei are snuggling under a blanket.

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