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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Angel Wing CoverANGEL WING.
Circle is Pearl Moon. Published 1996.

Heero is sitting at a computer thinking back to when he was injured and Zechs was looking after him. One night the two have a hot (not very fuzzed out) night of passion.

Then follows a text story with pictures intercut into it. Zechs has Heero chained and seducing the boy.

Smaller Chain Reaction CoverCHAIN REACTION.
Circle is Psyche/Fumin. Published 1998?

The action starts with Trowa asking a long haired blonde woman if she was okay. She clinging to him before passing out. A dair haired woman looks on smiling and holding a small bottle of something. Trowa (and the blonde) are staying with the dark haired woman. The woman throws a party that night.While Duo and Trowa are chatting a man arrives with a naked slave boy on a leash. I'm not sure if the guy is giving sex slave Heero to the dark haired woman as a gift or not, but Trowa stops the guy from beating Heero. The woman tells Trowa he can have the boy. So Trowa takes the boy to his room. You're given background to Heero's life. His father would beat him, and he ended up living on the streets until the guy we see at the party took him in and trained him to be a sex slave.

Duo comes over the next day and is surprised to see what a clothed Heero looks like. The butler tells Trowa his mother seems upset (yes, the blonde woman at the beginning of the story is his mother). Trowa goes to see her and she mistakes him for her husband (she has a few mental problems, explained in a Trowa flashback) and has sex with him (when I first saw this sequence I thought, finally Trowa gets some het, before I translated the name he calls her as Kaasan, i.e. "mother" ... eww!). Heero watches this and later when Trowa returns to his room, Heero hugs him.

Next day dark haired woman (I really am going to try and figure out what her name is), finds Heero alone. Tells him to be a good little sex slave and service two men friends of hers. She tells him Trowa wants him to do it. So he does. Trowa walks in on this, punches out the men, yells at the woman and takes Heero back to his room. They talk, they hug, they do the nasty.

Dark haired woman sneaks into Trowa's mom's room and poisons her. The staff interrupts Trowa's lovely afterglow moment to say his mom is dead. There's a funeral. And the dark haired woman decides she wants to kill Trowa. So she pulls a gun on Trowa and Duo later in the house, but Heero kills her instead. The next scene it looks like Trowa, Duo and Heero are all at the same private school.

This was one plotful PWP (plot, what plot) I've ever looked at. It's pretty hefty (104 pages) and yet, I think I'm got most of what was going on.

Smaller Exotic CoverEXOTIC.
Circle is PPM. Published 1996.

Some gag stories some more serious about Trowa and Wufei. One of the sillier ones is what Trowa's hair looks like when he doesn't blowdry it out (It didn't look that bad to me but Wufei and Duo was taken aback by the style).

A more serious one had the boys in space. Wufei is cranky about something and Trowa tries to comfort him via a hug. It didn't go over great, but later when they are getting in their Gundams, Trowa kisses Wufei. Duo and Quatre witness it via their radios. All the teasing puts Wufei in a grumpy mood again.

Smaller God and Dog CoverGOD AND DOG.
Circle is Pepper Vivio. Published 1996.

Weird humor as only Pepper Vivio can give to you. They seem to like drawing Quatre as a woman a lot of the time. But this has no real stories just one page gags. Some cuter than others. And they usually involve Quatre with Heero, Quatre with Trowa, or all three together!

Smaller My Only Better Half CoverMY ONLY BETTER HALF.
Circle is Pico. Published 1996.

This doujinshi pretty much covers the history of Trowa and Heero. It starts when Trowa is taking care of Heero from the self-destruct days. Trowa overhears Catherine, talks to Heero who talks about his past and a nun who looked after him.

You get to see Trowa hugging Catherine after he tried to self-destruct. Lots of Trowa and Heero on the road visiting members of the Noventa family, one of which is Noventa's wife? who is pregnant.

An Oz soldier attempts to shoot Heero, but Trowa pushes Heero out the way and takes the bullet. Heero takes care of Trowa and is miffed at him. They have the briefest yaoi scene (not even a full page). Heero is thinking about how this nun would hold him as a child, and suddenly Trowa is holding him the same way. Then you are treated to brief scenes of canon scenes. Quatre going wacky and shooting at Trowa. Heero and Quatre in Sank Kingdom with Heero wondering where Trowa is. It ends there. It's pretty hefty in size (82 pages) but rather nice.

Smaller Invincible Guys CoverINVINCIBLE GUYS.
Circle is Pax Deorum. Published 1996.

Very mild shonen-ai stories. Some are gag some angsty. Wufei keeps finding Trowa kissing people (other than him) by a tree and is crying about it.

Duo and Wufei compare notes about Trowa while imprisioned on the moonbase. Then there's a Heero + Duo text story. This doujinshi is cute, however, it's rather small though.

Smaller Shinkonsan Irasshaai CoverSHINKONSAN IRASSHAAI.
Circle is Psyche/Fumin. Published 1998.

Trowa and Heero are going to get married and Duo's not too happy about it. Duo keeps trying to convince Heero that he'd be better off with him. One day as Trowa leaves for work, a picture falls out of his wallet. Heero picks it up and sees it's a picture of a woman with a child.

Heero assumes the worse (Trowa has a secret family?) and when Duo comes over (armed with flowers no less) and finds Heero in tears, he tries to console him. Trowa returns. Sees Heero and Duo sitting together on the bed and he punches out Duo.

Heero stops the carnage and demands to know who the people are in the photo. (I have no idea but whatever the answer it placates Heero and leaves Duo miffed that he has a swollen jaw while the two make up in front of him).

There are two shorters stories. One having Heero complaining about sex (Trowa then whips out manuals and starts reading them). The final story has Heero serving dinner he's made to Trowa, Duo and Quatre. It seems to be inedible to Duo and Quatre who look very ill, but Trowa likes Heero's cooking just fine.

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