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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Je Te Veux d'homme CoverJE TE VEUX D'HOMME: VERSION TROWA.
Circle is Shounen Oukoku/Kouki Fujii Productions. Published 2000.

Interesting drawing style of Trowa. It kind of reminds me of Tatsumi or Muraki of Yami no Matsuei. Completely a sap book with Heero and Trowa in the kitchen making something. Then they are kissing. Next thing you know you have tasteful non-explicit yaoi.

Smaller Junkie CoverJUNKIE.
Circle is X3. Published 1997.

This is a collection of uke Trowa stories from five different X3 books: Ai Trowa, Bishounen Syndrome, Pink Cherry Boy, Inner Space, and Pink na Kimini Blue na Kimini (You are in Pink I am in Blue).

Yes, I have all those books except Pink Cherry Boy (Correction... I've got the whole slew now). What's even funnier is as I flipped the pages I would say, "Ah, this one is from Inner Space and this one from Bishonen Syndrome". It's Trowa at his uke-iest as Duo, Circusmaster and Quatre have their way with him (in separate stories), leaving him rather moist. Very thick book (125 pages) and only a very short 8 page text story.

Smaller Konnichi ichinichi ha marumarumaru CoverKONNICHI ICHINICHI HA MARUMARUMARU.
Circle is Hexagram(Sakuya Syuho). Published 1998.

Stop me if you heard this one before... Trowa is taking care of Heero at the circus after Heero self-destructed. Lots of sweet kissing and kawaii blushing from both Trowa and Heero.

Smaller Happy Lollipop CoverHAPPY LOLLIPOP.
Circle is Kitty Nohen (Maki Rick). Published 1997.

I had never seen a 1+3x5 smut doujinshi before. I've written of it but never ever scene it. Trowa has one of those tomagochi games that he forgot to look after. The end result were a chibi neko Heero and chibi neko Wufei end up on his doorstep. (Kitty Heero & Kitty Wufei). They kind of drive Trowa nuts a little, but fortunately they seem to grow at a fairly fast rate.

So one day while Trowa is out buying groceries, Heero decides to seduce Wufei. Trowa comes home and find them in the act. Wufei apologizes and hugs Trowa. Trowa pushes Wufei down and has his way with him. Heero not wanting to be left out joins in. No one could accuse this super hentai book of having a plot. In the end while Trowa and Wufei are having another go, a chibi neko Quatre shows up and starts yelling at them about Heero I think.

According to the ebay seller, this is not suppose to be Trowa but a "male Noin". If so, he looks remarkably like Trowa to me. (Sellers have been known to be wrong sometimes.^__^)

Smaller Manjuu Shimai CoverMANJUU SHIMAI (MANJUU SISTERS).
Circle is Okusuke. Published 1996.

Manjuu Shimai translates into Manju sisters. Manju is a yeast bread with some kind of filling inside. Mostly gag humor everyone loving Wufei.

Trowa and Wufei have a yaoi moment only to be disturbed by a naked Quatre wondering what Wufei is doing with his boyfriend. Some fast talking on Trowa's part results in Trowa happily crying while Heero looks at him like he's crazy.

Another story has Wufei looking at a date on the calendar in his room. He's acting strangely to all. Finally he's seen crying at Treize's grave.

Smaller Miruku Taimu Nisa Cha Ite CoverMIRUKU TAIMU NISA CHA ITE.
Circle is Psyche/Fumin. Published 1997.

Yet more of the story that can be found in Oshii Life Style & Muscle Peach, although I couldn't tell you what order it goes in. Trowa, Heero, Quatre, and Duo are all at a boarding school.

The action starts when Trowa is having a sword fight with a guy who kind of looks like Trowa (only with shorter bangs) named Aberu. Heero comes in and slaps Trowa and leaves. Aberu goes after Heero. He finds Heero, pushes him up against a tree and tries to have his way with him. Heero doesn't fight him off because he's upset with Trowa.

Trowa arrives finding the two. Heero pushes Aberu away who doesn't want to budge. So finally Heero knees the guy in the groin and runs to Trowa. Gasping Trowa lookalike yells something like you don't do things like this to Aberu Ragureo!

Heero and Trowa leave and Heero throws himself at Trowa. They start kissing and then let the yaoi begin. I'm going to place the action here after Muscle Peach because I looked at that one again. Then the rest of the text at least half of the 127 pages are a text story.

Smaller Muscle Peach CoverMUSCLE PEACH.
Circle is Psyche/Fumin. Published 1997.

This 98 page doujinshi is equally divided in the amount of manga (50 pages) to text (48 pages). It seems to be a continuation of the story found in the doujinshi, Oishii Life Style. Trowa and Heero are classmates in a boarding school type setting.

Heero gets hurt riding (I think he gets thrown from a horse). Trowa takes care of him and later kisses him. Heero is shocked. Later they talk about something. Heero laughs at Trowa. Trowa gets upset and punches Heero, then has his way with him. Trowa leaves to have a cigarette and Heero is lying down crying over the incident.

Then there is a short involving a hot springs and Heero with a ruler. Trowa asks what the ruler is for. Whatever Heero's answer is it makes Trowa nosebleed. The last manga story is Duo trying to find a new hairstyle for Trowa much to Trowa and Heero's disgust.

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