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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Cynical Moon coverCYNICAL MOON.
Circle is Psyche (PTM Club). Published 1998.

This thin book of 18 pages is yaoi-full. The story seems a little depressing but the action is hot, hot, hot. Trowa finds Heero in the shower. Heero seems to be under the influence of a powerful drug that acts as an aphrodisiac (He was injected by some seedy looking guerrilla soldier types). Heero asks Trowa to help him and reluctantly he does. Boy Howdy! It's fairly explicit. And there's even a page where one of them is flashing back to the days Trowa was in OZ and he was taking Heero then.

Very beautiful artwork. In the end, I'm not sure but I think Trowa is professing his love to a sleeping Heero. (Who looks very kawaii when asleep, hell, I'd profess my love too!)

Smaller 15th cover15TH.
Circle is B-House. Published 1995.

It's a Trowa x Wufei doujinshi. First story seems to be shounen-ai, Trowa and Wufei are hold up in a cabin somewhere in wintertime. Wufei picks a fight with Trowa and storms off (in his coat). Trowa follows (coat? Who needs a stinking coat!). Next thing you know Trowa is professing something (like? love?), but is lying in the snow freezing to death, and Wufei tries to keep him warm with his body heat.

Next is a gag yaoi story. Wufei and Trowa argues who gets to be seme. Trowa wins.

Smaller Love Only You  coverLOVE ONLY YOU.
Circle is B[untranslated]. Published 1995.

Essentially two stories. First is shounen-ai. Duo has a cute little neko Heero (Heero as kitty cat). Neko Heero is always getting in trouble and Duo is always yelling at him. The only human who doesn't yell at him is Trowa. One day Neko Heero runs off to wait at Trowa's doorstep, complete with forged note to Trowa from "Duo". Trowa feeds him, but Duo finds Neko Heero asleep on Trowa's doorstep and takes him home.

The second story is yaoi. Heero is sick and Duo takes care of him, but Heero blows him off after he gets well. Duo is sad about it. But after taking a nice shower he sees Heero standing out in the rain. He brings him inside and I think you can guess how he "warms" up Heero. Very sweet, semi-explicit action going on here. Of course last panel is confusing. Looks like Duo is holding an injured (or possibly dead) Heero in his arms.

Smaller Bishounen Syndrome coverBISHOUNEN SYNDROME.
Circle is X3. Published 1996.

This is a Trowa uke book. This one is the famous one. Famous for having Trowa in a babydoll nightie getting taken by the *shudder* Circusmaster. This book is really thin. Technically it's 30 pages but 27 are manga, text & paperdolls!

The stories are short (Plot?). First story Trowa strips down for Heero who seems to ignore him. Second story is the Circusmaster one. Third story has Duo getting his jollies with Trowa dress as a playboy bunny. Fourth story has Duo again groping Trowa until Trowa says something that breaks the mood (what? got me!) Fifth story Quatre and Trowa are talking music, I think Trowa confesses feelings for Quatre and Quatre doesn't believe him. Then there's a text story about (who else) Trowa.

Oh yeah, and you get a Trowa paperdoll that you can dress up in drag.

Smaller Pulstar coverPULSTAR.
Circle is Ypritto. Published 1995.

This project is "presented by Ken Mizuki". There are some beautiful color pictures of the boys. The first story is Duo and Quatre in the desert after Heero self-destructed in the series. They are talking and Duo is thinking about Heero. He tries to joke his way out of the depressing topic, but the last scene you see him standing atop a sand dune reflecting.

This is then followed by a Heero and Trowa text story called Anlass by Midori & Sasano that has many pictures throughout of Trowa and Heero. The one of them kissing is very sweet. This is followed by one and two page gags of Lady Une and shounen-ai Heero and Trowa stories.

Larger Self Control coverSELF CONTROL.
Circle is Joy Luck Club. Published 1995.

I know the cover reads Self Conrol but everywhere else they spell it correctly. First story, entitled Self Control has Duo persuading Heero to hang out with him in the park. Heero starts feeding the birds Duo's popcorn and suddenly, he's a bird's best friend. Many birds began perching on Heero and Duo makes fun of him and pisses Heero off.

The second story entitled Airplain fly to Rome. Trowa is posing as OZ soldier visiting Wufei. He decides that he really wants Wufei and so he goes about seducing him. It's not exactly rape because although Wufei initially is resistant that changes as the action gets pretty explicit. Afterwards when Trowa leaves Wufei's cell, they both look really sad and depressed.

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