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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Pink Cherry Boy CoverPINK CHERRY BOY.
Circle is X3. Published 1996.

This is a thin book but yaoi-full, if you like your Trowa's submissive. There are only two "stories". The first has Duo handcuffing Trowa to a chair and having his way with the boy. He is kind enough to unchain him in the throes of passion. While Trowa is sleeping, Quatre says something that surprises Duo.

The second story is well... shota. Trowa is a young child happily licking a lollipop when much older Quatre decides to show chibi Trowa some more interesting things to do with the lollipop. (Kind of squicky, if you know what I mean). Catherine walks in on them (she was wondering where Trowa had gone) and Quatre's none too thrilled about the interruption.

If you think this circle doesn't like their Trowa soft and submissive, check out the back cover.

Circle is Boy London. Published 199?.

Kind of follows the GW storylines... Heero and Quatre are in Sank Kingdom and Heero is thinking about Trowa. Next you see Duo find Trowa in the circus. Finally they are reunited. It's tense initially but Trowa and Heero find their way back to each other. At least that's MY take on the story.

Smaller Risu no hon CoverRISU NO HON [SQUIRREL'S MAIN BOOK].
Circle is Silhouette Collective (Mitsuro Ichihara & Wakako Hidaka). Published 1998.

Apparently Duo lives with Heero and Wufei. They all decide to take a long bus trip to another city and sightsee. Duo gives Heero and Wufei kisses (Wufei's kiss is on the cheek, while Heero gets a liplock.) to wish them a Happy New Year. Both boys seem mortified. They wander around a city, get their pictures taken while dressed up (Heero is dressed as a geisha, Wufei a ninja and Duo a mikado). Then they take a long bus trip back home.

Not much by way of any "action" and for some weird reason Duo sometimes turns into a squirrel to pester the two quiet boys. But it is cute looking at them crashed out on the bus on their trips to and fro. It's a threesome coupling that doesn't seem to be a hentai one.

Smaller Sango CoverSANGO.
Circle is Twin. Published 1996.

Lots of Trowa and Wufei shonen ai stories. Wufei is sad about something and Trowa kisses him. Several hilarious pages of Trowa with his neko-Wufei who terrorizes everyone he comes in contact with (Duo, hold on to your braid!)

The really weird thing is interspersed in the doujinshi are pictures of two dolls supposedly dressed as Wufei & Trowa standing in front of mountains, etc. and snapshots are made of their trip. Trippy.

Smaller Teen Submarine Life CoverTEEN SUBMARINE LIFE.
Circle is Yuishow Tsutsumi/Iron Yanagisawa. Published 1995.

Another mild shonen-ai doujinshi. Trowa keeps coming to Wufei's rescue from Treize and others. It ends with a sad story of Trowa and Wufei talking while sitting under a tree.

Smaller Ten No Warabe CoverTEN NO WARABE (HEAVEN'S CHILD).
Circle is Aijou Banku. Published 1996.

It's a Chang Wufei only book. Wufei is rather chibified throughout as the other pilots and Treize seem to take care of him. Then there's a text story about Treize and Wufei called Me & My boy.

Finally there's a sweet story of Wufei being unable to sleep but Zechs lies down with him to help him nod off. Very cute.

Smaller Trowa Barton CoverTROWA BARTON.
Circle is Trowa Barton Uke Suki Suki Magazine (9 different artists). Published 1996.

A Trowa uke book NOT by the circle X3. ^__^ Although it's a pretty thick book, I would say half of it are text stories. Duo tries to have his way and Trowa rejects him. Quatre does have his way with Trowa.

Trowa while in OZ gets molested rather graphically (more so than the other stories) by an OZ superior, then gets bitched out by Nichols (for what? Being late? Who knows?)

The final story involves Trowa getting an invitation to a party by Quatre. He leaves the circus to attend, but at the party he gets waylaid and boinked by some cute black haired stranger (well he's a damn sight better looking than the Ozzie that got him in the previous story), while Quatre is looking for him. The stranger leaves and Trowa gets dressed. Quatre finds him and is trying to talk to him. I don't know if Quatre is confessing feelings or what, but he punches Trowa in the stomach and knocks him unconscious. Quatre then calls a butler to take Trowa away. Followed with the "TO BE CONTINUED" tag.

Smaller Versus CoverVS.
Circle is Guri & Gura Shell. Published 1996.

Looks to be a short angsty story of Heero and Quatre with a very brief Trowa and Quatre story at the beginning.The main story is called What in the World am I to Fight? Sounds like a cheery title, huh. It's okay, just not very big (17 pages)

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