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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Don't Give Up coverDON'T GIVE UP.
Circle is Rise. Published 1995.

This is a Heero uke book The first story is a gag story where all the boys are fighting over Heero. With a sd yaoi scene with Heero and Quatre (s.d. means super deformed, not quite chibi but drawn for comic effect), followed by a text story that has pictures intermingled that seems to be a Duo x Heero story.

Finally, you get a Trowa x Heero story that's not too explicit but very pretty. Heero is a very pretty uke, no sobbing mess that you usually see when you have some of the other G-Boys as uke. Just stoic and blushing very prettily.

Smaller Mindcrime coverOPERATION MINDCRIME.
Circle is Xrashedicemix. Published 1996.

First story is a silly one. Duo is quizzing Heero on who he likes. Duo keeps asking if Relena is the object of Heero's desire, which he denies. Duo gets quite a surprise when he sees Heero and Trowa looking very friendly.

The next story is Duo loosely based on the series. From meeting Hilde up to getting jailed by OZ and getting sprung by Heero.

Smaller Signal  coverSIGNAL.
Circle is Special 502. Published 1995.

The first story is a Trowa x Wufei shounen-ai. Wufei is at Trowa's circus, feeling depressed about his defeat at the hands Treize. Trowa attempts to make him feel better. This is followed by a Treize x Zechs text story.

Finally you have a 1x2 yaoi story. Duo is mooning over Heero (or at least getting a good wank thinking about him). One evening Heero sees Duo ending a date with some guy. He goes over to Duo's apartment and proceeds to have his way with him (this isn't too explicit, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out what Heero is doing to Duo). Duo gets miffed and takes a swing at him after the deed is done. But by the end it looks like they've resolved their differences.

Smaller Neko wa Asagaeri coverNEKO WA ASA KAERI.
Circle is Walk. Published 1996.

I was calling is Libiathan, thank goodness for ebay, I've discovered the true title, at last. There is a story about Quatre getting a bunch of g-boy nekos (cats) that is sweet. Then you have a long angst story.

It's a sad triangle story. Trowa and Quatre are slowing working their way to becoming a couple (I think). Trowa goes on a mission that involves Heero leaving Duo with Quatre. Duo then seduces Quatre. Trowa finds them together and leaves.

The graphics in this is umm ... I guess you could call it artistic. It's pretty minimalist. Sometimes it's hard to tell which character you're looking at because the drawings don't look very complete. Saddest moment: Trowa is thinking back to all the times Quatre called out his name in happy greetings, but his last thought is hearing Quatre moaning Duo's name in passion.

Smaller Sparkle coverSPARKLE.
Circle is Hopeful. Published 1996.

A couple of gags, but the essential running gag throughout this 3+1 shounen-ai is anytime Trowa and Heero try to spend any quality time together, Duo pops in to spoil their fun. At one point Angelic Quatre (he is angelic, he has a halo, wings and everything) sees in his space heart that Heero loves Trowa so he casts Duo to some horny Managuacs!

There's also a one page gag where Trowa brings home to the circus a chibi Wufei and a Panda bear. Wufei and the Panda have an act that becomes a big hit at the circus.

Larger Islands coverISLANDS.
Circle is B-House. Published 1996.

Can you believe I bought this one just to see the one gag of Trowa with his hair up (He sure looks stupid too, I love the reactions of Duo and Quatre). Anyway the theme of this dj is ... well ... Islands. First story have the boys on vacation on an island, Wufei goes swimming and gets washed up by a big wave. The second story seems more serious, Duo falls and knocks himself unconscious. He wakes and meets an old islander that tells a sad tale that makes Duo reflect on his relationship with Heero.

The final story, the boys crash land on the Galapagos Islands. While Quatre is attuned with nature and the wildlife on the island, everyone else is complaining and whining about their circumstances. Heero fixes their plane (natch) and they head off with Quatre looking a little sad that they were leaving the beautiful island.

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