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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Over the Rainbow coverOVER THE RAINBOW.
Circle is TDL. Published 1996.

Would you believe a 3+2 story? It seems to be a parody of Gremlins. Duo is a teeny, tiny guy who when wet produces a multitude of not so friendly little Duos. He lives with Trowa who has the mean Duos locked up in a birdcage. But good Duo he loves. They do everything together. Trowa even takes him to school with him in a small box.

One day when someone accidently knocks Trowa's box to the floor, which brought the ire of Trowa and the laughter of everyone else when they saw what was in the box, he takes Duo to a secluded area to see if he's okay. Wufei kidnaps Duo because he has a bunch of meanie Duos and I think he thinks this is one of his that has escaped.

Wufei refuses to listen to Duo as he tells him he belongs to Trowa. Wufei's son (yes, I said SON) sympathizes and let's him escape, just around the time Trowa finds out where Wufei's hideaway was. So Trowa's looking for Duo. Duo's looking for Trowa and along the way he finds a cookie and eats it and turns full size. Trowa finds Duo in an alley crying and they are happily reunited (yes, Trowa was surprised to see a full grown Duo). The school crowd who just happen to be in the street laugh at the public display Duo is putting on. They go home and share a really sweet kiss.

Smaller Hole coverHOLE.
Circle is Poison. Published 1996.

It's a Trowa x Wufei dj. Wufei is staying with Trowa and Catherine at the circus. Wufei for some reason doesn't speak, but Trowa doesn't seem to mind doing all the talking. Wufei mostly wanders around with his hair down, hugging the lions and communing with nature. Catherine seems to say something that upsets him and he runs off. Trowa, pissed at Catherine, finds him in his gundam and they share some not-so-explicit yaoi time. Wufei begans to speak again shortly after that.

This followed by a few one page gags, one rather yaoi like, then the text story, Memories of the Earth.

Smaller Break Up  coverBREAK UP.
Circle is Ypritto/Ken Mizuki. Published 1997.

It's a Ken Mizuki production. He really draws Heero to perfection I think. Anyway the story seems to take place during Endless Waltz when Wufei captures Trowa at Dekim Barton's little pep rally (inspirational speech, whatever).

There is much angst. Wufei is holding tough to his convictions despite what Trowa tells him. I guess this is a nice dj, but man, it took many, many tries on ebay before I got it. So when it arrived it was pretty and all, but it was also a little bit of a letdown. Overall, it's nice, but don't go bidding crazy over it if you run across it. Thankfully I didn't go overboard, but I might have been pissed if I paid BIG buck for this.

Smaller Dream-Self coverDREAM-SELF.
Circle is Moon Earth. Published 1998.

Well this is one long 42 page PWP. Okay not exactly.

Trowa (sporting a wedding ring) is at work complaining to Duo and Quatre about Heero. Next thing you know Quatre goes to see Heero and hypnotizes him. Trowa comes home and finds Heero, dressed in an apron waiting on him hand and foot. This frightens him and he calls Quatre to find out what he did to Heero. However, watching Heero slaving over a hot stove turns Trowa on, and then the fun begins ...

Okay this is probably the most graphic book I own. There's no mild obscuring of body parts for the most part. You can clearly see what Heero is licking shall we say? Although I don't think Heero is drawn as Heero-like as I would have liked, it's a pleasing tome. Next morning Heero wakes up and starts yelling at Trowa. Trowa recounts this argument to Duo and Quatre at work the next day. There are two alternate text endings to this saga. Lots of heartmarks in both endings.

Smaller Pistol coverPISTOL.
Circle is Sweet & Sweet. Published 1996.

It's a Trowa and Wufei mostly shounen-ai doujinshi. The first story is angst city. Wufei is upset about something, he mentions Duo, Heero & Quatre (don't know if they are dead or what). He pulls out a pistol and points it at Trowa. Trowa, in turn, pulls out a pistol and aims it at Wufei. Talk about your John Woo moments! Then there's a text story called Soul Kiss about Trowa and Wufei.

Then there's a sweet story where Trowa is dreaming that Wufei is telling him his feelings and hugging him. Wufei makes the mistake of waking Trowa up in the middle of this dream. Trowa thinks he's still dreaming and grabs Wufei. Wufei surprised and angered by this OOC behavior checks the quiet boy for a fever, which I guess he has. Trowa won't let Wufei leave his side. Next scene, Trowa is up and about but Wufei now has the flu. Then the last story seems to be a non-explicit PWP.

Larger Rising Earth 7 coverRISING EARTH, NO. 7.
Circle is F'Packs. Published 1996.

I'll be big enough to admit it. I bought this one for the cover. There's just something so nice about seeing Trowa and Heero in OZ uniforms. Like other Rising Earth titles, it's generally gags by various artists taken from other doujinshi. My favorite running gag it appears a few times anytime Treize is talking to Wufei or Zechs, there's Une with her film camera!

This issue does contain a long and depressing story about Heero finding a kitten and bringing it home to live with him and Duo. Duo gets a little jealous with the attention the kitten gets. They go out on a mission and come back to their dorm rooms to find that the kitten had gotten outside gotten into something and died. Gee whiz talk about your angst. Duo is crying and upset. Heero does his stoic thing. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

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