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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Pink Janction 2 coverPINK JANCTION 2ND.
Circle is S.J.T. Published 1996.

This is a continuation of the Pink Janction (Junction?) series. Of course, best I can tell it's one long PWP.

Okay, there seems to be at least two or maybe three stories, but they are all essentially, Quatre is screwing the bejesus out of Duo. At least he's not a psycho-Quatre (that's something at least). There's no plot to get in the way of page after page of nookie.

Smaller Sweet & Sweet 2 coverSWEET & SWEET 2.
Circle is Sweet Water. Published 1995.

It's a Trowa x Wufei dj. The first story seems to be shounen-ai. Trowa is dreaming about Wufei standing on a hill. He wakes up and tries looking for Wufei via his computer.

The rest of the "stories" are pure PWP with lots of rolling around of Trowa & Wufei (oh yeah, like that's a BAD thing!).

Smaller Baby Please coverBABY PLEASE.
Circle is Haw 2 Bomber. Published 1996.

Several short gags (some featuring multiple Trowas and Quatres) before you get to the main shounen-ai story.

Duo comes to visit Trowa at the circus, after much getting around Catherine, he gets to talk to Trowa and tell him that he's worried about Wufei. Catherine bitches out Trowa for something, and he goes out. He stumbles into Wufei. Wufei confesses that he cares for Trowa and Catherine stopped him from revealing the truth. Trowa has a think over and talks with Catherine.

Smaller Taoism II coverTAOISM II.
Circle is Pico (Maiko Hashiba/Asai Hyuga). Published 1996.

There's several gags. One where Wufei can't resist kissing Trowa much to the concern of Quatre and Duo. Wufei goes to a ball and Trowa and Duo are fighting over him. Treize kidnaps Wufei and Trowa rescues him via shooting an anti-tank gun at Treize and the kidnappers.

Then follows a rather long text story entitled, Trust You Forever.

Finally there is more serious story of Trowa and Wufei on a mission. Wufei is injured and tells Trowa to leave him, but he doesn't. He helps Wufei (who's injured his leg) escape the explosions and ends up carrying the argumentative Chinese boy out to safety. When they make it out to the woods where Quatre and Duo are waiting, he reluctantly surrenders Wufei over to Duo (Wufei's boyfriend). Trowa watches them walk away with tears in his eyes. Poor Trowa.

Smaller Lazy Knack coverLAZY KNACK.
Circle is Nei-W. Published 1995.

Everyone loves Wufei in this one.

Lots of gag shorts featuring Wufei. One Wufei keeps stealing Catherine's soup. She catches him and puts him in her knife-throwing act! Wufei has a crush on Sally and finds a sock in the house that he thinks is hers (that he hangs on to like a good luck charm). And Wufei being chased by Treize, DOROTHY?, and Duo among others. Very kawaii.

Smaller Chaos coverCHAOS.
Circle is Mama Haha. Published 1996.

Yikes! Bastard Duo alert! Duo breaks into Trowa's house, angry at him about Heero and he proceeds to rape Trowa. Brutally. Trowa tries fighting back and even gets the gun away from Duo, but to no avail. Trowa then has a nightmare that Duo has killed Catherine. He wakes up the next morning, thinking it's all been a bizarre dream until he see the message Duo left on the wall that says "DON'T FORGET". Very creepy.

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