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I decided to keep these pages smaller, so you'll see a few djs per page. They continue to be in no particular order. If I can decipher the titles, I do otherwise, sorry. If you know what they titles are feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.

I've added a page of some of my favorite scenes and pictures from various djs. Check out What Pretty Pictures!

Smaller Go Get Him coverGO GET HIM!.
Circle is Okuzuke (Watashiga Houritsu). Published 199?.

Three shounen-ai Trowa + Wufei stories and a novel. First story has Quatre and Duo accusing Wufei of something while they are in space. He storms off and Trowa goes after him. The share a nice moment and a really hot kiss before Wufei pushes him away and leaves.

Second and third stories are also similar. Second one Wufei's miffed that Trowa seems to ignore him by reading a newspaper. Suddenly Trowa turns and kisses Wufei only to have him yell at him. (what's wrong that Wufei?). The text story is entitled Solitude. The last story after a kiss Wufei is yelling again but a least this time around it looks like Trowa is yelling back some.

Smaller Street Fighter Zero coverSTREET FIGHTER ZERO.
Circle is Ran Ohmi. Published 1995.

This is a hybrid of Gundam Wing and Street Fighter. I'm not familiar with Street Fighter to know the characters. But the first story is a Quatre sexually torturing Duo story. He has the boy strung up by his hair (itai!). Another Quatre x Duo story where again Duo is bound (this time on a bed at least) but Heero comes to the rescue (or does he?)

Next are two text stories (one of them about Heero) and two Street Fighter stories (which I don't know characters, but some of the action is mighty hot)..

Smaller Idolism coverIDOLISM.
Circle is Mama Haha (Hiroto Nakata). Published 1995.

I've come to the conclusion this circle seems to live for anguished Trowa stories. First story is based on the part of the series when Trowa and Heero were in Antartica, waiting for the Zechs-Heero rematch. Trowa thinks about fighting in his suit and the next thing you know he's stabbed his own hand with a knife. Noin sees the injury, patches him up and gives him a good talking to. He also talks with Heero later.

Second story Trowa punches Duo. I guess this was suppose to be based on the series when everyone (except Quatre) was held captive on the moonbase and Trowa was an Oz soldier. Problem is he's not drawn in his OZ uniform. Duo fights back. They essentially beat the crap out of each other while Wufei and Heero look on.

Smaller Wufei Maniax coverWUFEI MANIAX.
Circle is Rose Brand (Hinaki Ichika). Published 1996.

My first (and so far only) Quatre x Wufei yaoi dj.

There's a brief gag story about after Wufei kills Treize, and brief page of Relena and Dorothy. But the main story (well, if you can call it that) is Quatre and Wufei doing the wild thing, while Wufei thinks about Treize. There's a yuri PWP of Dorothy & Relena. The pictures are drawn beautifully. Unfortunately the paper quality detracts from it. It has the look and feel of a bad xeroxed copy hastily put together. But I like it (wish the paper was better).

Smaller Kiss coverKISS (XXX).
Circle is Club Yuy (Momo Sumomo). Published 1997?

I guess you can't really call this Duo x Heero book yaoi, since Heero is a woman in this dj, but it's certainly hentai.

As usual Relena seems to be in the middle of things. She and Heero seem to be friends, but Duo isn't happy about it. Heero on the other hand, thinks that Duo fancies Relena and is depressed by that fact. So one lonely afternoon Heero has a bit of self-love calling out Duo's name. One guess as to who walks in and witnesses this? Let the games begin!.

The action is rather explicit. Never mind that Heero doesn't look like Heero at all and Duo looks more like Saionji of Shoujo Kakumei Utena in this dj. Hot bods, hot action.

Circle is Gray Orion (Yoshinori Sueri & Isana Hayashi). Published 1995.

Very sweet if very short (25 pages) shounen-ai story of Trowa and Heero.

Heero is standing out in the rain getting wet. Trowa comes out with an umbrella before following Heero's example and discarding the umbrella. Heero talks about missing space I assume and Trowa gives him a very sweet hug. Later on that night they are standing by a window together looking at the sky.

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